Xiaomi teases the Mi 11 Ultra with revolutionary cooling design

The Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra has been all the fuss lately and we are not surprised. Riding on the back of last year’s Mi 10 Ultra‘s success, which wasn’t even launched officially outside of China, the Mi 11 Ultra is expected to deliver top-notch performance and features. And it seems that the cooling system is one of them.

Xiaomi teases the Mi 11 Ultra with revolutionary cooling design

In a new Weibo post, the company’s co-founder offered a sneak peek of what the new cooling design is all about. Unfortunately, the Google translation is a bit rough around the edges but we got the gist of it. It’s something along the lines of “full phase cooling tech” and the name probably comes from the three states of the matter – solid, liquid and gas.

It is said to improve thermal conductivity by 100% (doesn’t say compared to what) by implementing the so-called VC soaking plate (vacuum chamber soaking plate). It has been used in the Mi 10 Ultra as well. But despite its fancy name, it has the same working principle as a standard vapor chamber – liquid gets heated, dissipates, turns into hot gas, then into the next chamber where it’s cooled down into liquid again and repeats the cycle.

Perhaps the solid state has been referred to as the heating plates themselves, or there’s something more to it. Luckily, we don’t have to wait much longer before we learn more about the tech as the Mi 11 Ultra’s announcement date is just two days from now.

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