When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 4 Review: Welcome to Hope Valley

It’s another beautiful day in Hope Valley, and it’s easy to see why Joseph Canfield wanted his family to be a part of it.

The newest family is all settled in, offering a bit of a challenge to Elizabeth, who is in no short supply of them.

It’s spring, and romance is in the air, too, on When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 4. Let’s dig into “Welcome to Hope Valley”!

The Canfields seem like a nice family, and it’s heartbreaking that they’d experienced so much negativity about Angela in their past.

I’ve known cruelty, but I never known how cruel people could be until we had Angela.


There is a reason Minnie is holding Angela so close to her apron strings, and it’s because of hatred aimed toward them. It’s likely that’s what drove their move to a place where Joseph felt welcome just while passing through town.

If the people of Hope Valley could make a traveler feel accepted in their midst, then surely, his family and eldest daughter could feel the same.

Elizabeth wants to do everything she can for the newest children in Hope Valley, and Joseph and Minnie were eager for Cooper to join her class. But Angela was a different story.

She was so excited, listening to Cooper relay his story to his new classmates, and she made it clear to her parents how much she’d like the opportunity to make some friends of her own.

Elizabeth never backs down from a challenge, and Minnie offered one that she had to address. She’ll do what she can to learn about teaching blind children; that’s a given. Minnie didn’t know that Elizabeth would never allow a child to face discrimination in her class.

If nothing else, it’s exciting to imagine the opportunities ahead for Angela and her musical talents. She’s quite gifted, and I could see Elizabeth using that gift to break the ice for those who might be wary of her.

We witnessed how well-received women in the workplace can be in Hope Valley when men were afraid of sitting in Fiona’s barber chair.

As it turns out, Carson’s feelings about women in medicine might not have been as evolved as we thought, either. Thankfully, he’s open to change and accepts his mistakes.

Carson and Faith’s relationship was on shaky ground for a hot minute, and she was seriously considering either leaving the practice or leaving Carson.

Carson, right now it feels like we either have to stop working together or stop seeing each other, and I don’t like either choice.


Neither of those options was high on her list, but unless things changed between them, she wouldn’t be able to carry on as they had been.

I have no idea what Carson encountered during his out-of-town surgery, but it was just what he needed to embrace Faith on all levels. Returning with a monogrammed medical bag for Faith showed that he loved her and respected her knowledge in their profession.

But getting her a bag with her last name on it made me wonder how long they’d be waiting for engagement and marriage. I don’t expect Faith to lean too far into feminism, keeping her name. I do expect that the gold plate can be replaced!

Unfortunately for Molly, Bill was a little too preoccupied with the legal proceedings against Nathan (which was not a trial!) to recognize the effort she was putting forth to get his attention. Or so she thought.

Bill: Molly, Florence. Molly, that was some dress.
Molly: [under her breath] Twenty-three dollars well spent.

Susannah and her daughter, Rachel, were visiting Lee and Rosemary. Rachel thinks highly of her Aunt Rosemary, and that included being very interested in her dress shop.

It was only recently that Rosemary wondered who she might leave her shop to when it was time, and she has her answer now.

Rachel and her mother were at loggerheads about her future, but Rachel shows some talent in fashion. She took a so-so dress and accessorized it to be knock-out gorgeous, much to Molly’s delight.

Rachel also spotted the latest trend with the woman’s FreedomAlls that were introduced on When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 3.

And didn’t she look cute as a button? Susannah’s initial reaction was horror, but then she realized that she needed to let her daughter go so that she could find her purpose in life.

It’s everything that Rosemary has ever wanted. She has family that she can take under her wing, helping Rachel blossom into a successful young woman.

Interestingly, Lee was hardly as eager to invite Rachel into their home, and it will offer a challenge for him and Rosemary in the future. But geez, they can’t be the perfect couple all of the time, and this will set their story on fire!

As for Molly, once Nathan’s case closed, Bill was free to comment on her ensemble, and he most certainly noticed, even if he feigned indifference when he saw her. Speaking of stories catching on fire, this one needs oxygen. Let’s fan those flames!

We may never know why the Mountie was hell-bent on prosecuting Nathan, but he was, in the end, moved by Allie’s pleas for her Uncle Nathan to be free to take care of her.

Nathan was willing to lose his badge rather than give Bill any information that he could use, not that he was permitted too much during the proceedings.

Bill’s antics, like smacking his knee against the desk to train eyes on him so that he could speak freely, were quite amusing. He’s a good guy, allowing Nathan to be so secretive while trying to protect him.

Because yes, ol’ shifty eyes was at it again. He lied not once but twice during the episode.

Elizabeth: Nathan, why didn’t you mention to me that you were stationed at Fort Clay? Allie told me.
Nathan: I meant to. So much time passed. I didn’t know how.
Elizabeth: Did you ever meet Jack?
Nathan: No.

Does anyone think that Nathan never knew Jack? He refused to meet Bill’s eyes when they were discussing it in his office, and later, when confronted directly by Elizabeth, his eyes were darting all over the place when he flatly said, no, he had not met Jack.

I don’t believe that for a second, and I do not understand how any of this will eventually help a romantic pairing between one of the most trustworthy women on the show and his lying self.

Even though Elizabeth apologized to Lucas and he to her and that they will see where things go between them, it’s still impossible to buy that they are, as the kids say, endgame.

Elizabeth: I thought I’d take my own advice and be the first to reach out.
Lucas: Serendipitous. I was just trying to find you.
Elizabeth: I want to apologize for not being more forthright. In trying to honor your mother’s wishes, I hurt you, and I never meant to do that.
Lucas: Thank you. That doesn’t give me any right to have spoken to you the way that I did. And I, I should not have questioned or doubted what you know about love. I’m sorry.

And that breaks my heart.

Lucas was quite affected by what has been going on with Elizabeth. He didn’t even get the mushrooms for his chef’s signature beef dish!

Once he and Elizabeth cleared the air, though, he was on his way to the mercantile to get mushrooms. It signified that all was right with the world, and he could breathe again.

He didn’t stick around the extra second it took for Nathan to arrive and lie to Elizabeth. It’s too bad he didn’t tell the chef to hold his horses; his former competition was riding up behind the girl he wants to woo. Nah. Lucas would never be so overbearing.

Elizabeth: I don’t know whether you want to have anything to do with me, but I thought you should know. I told Nathan that I can’t give him what he wants, and I won’t be seeing him anymore.
Lucas: What could that mean for us?
Elizabeth: I guess we’ll just have to see.

But maybe it would keep this madness with Nathan at bay. It seems we’re going to have to wait until the bitter end of the season to discover what Nathan’s holding back or how it will indicate to Elizabeth that they’re destined to be together.

I don’t care why Nathan is lying. That he’s doing it repeatedly and that it comes so effortlessly to him is concerning. If he’s learned anything about Elizabeth at all, he should know how much lying would affect her.

So, who disagrees with me? Does anyone believe that things will go swimmingly between Elizabeth and Lucas? Why do you think, given everything he knows about Elizabeth, he refuses to tell the truth to anyone in town?

What do you think of the Canfields? How will Elizabeth integrate Angela into the classroom so that she can make friends of her own?

Do you think that things are settled between Carson and Faith?

And how long will it be before Bill and Molly go on their first date?

Drop down below to comment, and if you haven’t seen the show yet, remember that you can watch When Calls the Heart online right here via TV Fanatic.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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