Top 9 Best Electric Lawn Mowers in 2021

“Here You Can Find Best Electric Lawn Mowers for Every Budget”

With electric lawn mowers, maintaining your yard/lawn is no longer a tiresome chore.

They are perfect for mowing small to medium lawns. Compared to gas lawn mowers, they eco-friendly, noiseless and affordable as well.

If you think electric lawn mower is the right choice for you, then consider the below factors to make an informed decision.

1. Types – There are two types of electric lawnmowers – corded and cordless.

  • Corded mowers run on electricity and are less expensive and less convenient yet efficient.
  • Cordless mowers run on battery and convenient to use anywhere but runtime depends on battery charging.

You have to choose as per your convenience and requirement.

2. Deck Size

It represents the area covered by the lawn mower in a single pass. Higher deck size means, you can mow the lawn within few passes. However, they need more storage space. Small deck sizes take more time to mow the lawn. So, it is recommended to go for standard sizes between 15 to 20 inches.

3. Motor Power

It determines how fast the blades will spin and how strong they cut the rough grass. So, based on your terrain size and grass type, you can go for either higher or standard motor power.

Apart from these key factors, we recommend you to go through the “Buying Guide”, which has all the essential information required to pick the right electric lawn mower. Based on the same factors, we have provided the Best Electric Lawn Mowers.

Best 10 Electric Lawn Mowers for Garden

1. Greenworks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25022

Greenworks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower

Being a garden lover, it’s not easy to maintain the garden properly. For them, the best affordable solution is to have Greenworks Lawn Mower that cuts grass uniformly using the high-efficient blades. That’s why we’ve given as the best corded lawn mower.

When you look at this electric lawn mower, it features 7 inch front, 10 inch rear wheels and 20 inch steel deck to maximize the usage capabilities. The 12A powerful motor is sufficient to run the device without any hassle.

Depending on the requirement, you can adjust the height of the mower in 7-different positions and

foldable handles for easy accessing. To start using the mower, simply plug-in the cord to a power source and push the start button to operate in yards/lawns. 

Apart from these wonderful features, the product is backed with 4 years manufacturing warranty which protects your investments. The major drawback is it doesn’t incorporate automatic option which you need to manually move the mower in multiple directions. Also, you won’t get extension cord for your purchase.


  • Has unlimited run time.
  • Best to use for small yards.
  • Smooth operation with less noise.
  • Simple plug and play time lawn mower.
  • Comes with 7 height adjustment options.


  • No automatic option.
  • Bit heavy to carry to different places.
  • There is no extension cord for easy handling.

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2. BLACK+DECKER BESTA512CM 12″ 3 in1 Compact Electric Lawn Mower

BLACK DECKER BESTA512CM 3in1 Compact Electric Lawn Mower

When you are looking for the quality and performance, nothing can compete with the black and Decker Electric Lawn Mower. This is the only device in the list that converts from mower to trimmer and edger depending on the gardening requirement. Hence, it is considered as the 3 in 1 electric lawn mower that offers mulching, rear-bagging, side discharge, and dispose of grass.

Compared to other brands, it is available in lightweight design with adjustable handle and the height adjustment settings provide maximum comfort and control. 

The motor uses 6.5A power to drive easily into the garden areas and PowerDrive transmission offers maximum performance while trimming the weeds, and grass. It also incorporates automatic feed spool that lets you trim the garden surfaces without wait or adjusting the spool.

You don’t even worry about the power failures because it features cord retention system that prevents the disconnection of cord, tangling of wires etc.

Overall, this is the best budget lawn mower that can be detached to trim and flip to edge as per the customer requirements. It is available at cheap rates, so you don’t need to worry about the product costs. Also, Black and Decker lawn mower has very good reviews and ratings online.

What we do not like is there is no dust bag to hold the cut grass and also the manufacturer didn’t disclose the warranty details. Apart from that, it’s totally worth investing on this electric lawn mower.


  • Very economical to buy.
  • Easy convertible to trimmer and edger.
  • Lightweight design with ergonomic handles.
  • Height adjustment option for comfort and control.
  • Features automatic feed spool, cord retention system.


  • Absence of dust bag.
  • No warranty information.

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3. American Lawn Mower 1204-14 14-Inch 4-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower

American Lawn Mower is one such product that is best to use on turf grass and offers reliable performance throughout the usage. It’s a standard company that brings new technologies with innovative ideas and provide excellent customer support services.

Like other popular brands, it is also equipped with adjustable height settings of range 0.5-1.75inch and a 14 inch width cutting. It features 2 polymer wheels of each 8.5inch diameter to move freely in the garden areas.

The 20-inch cut will allow you to cover lawns up to medium size without spending a whole day doing it. Choose from one of seven cutting-height positions and benefit from the large, grass-catching bag for convenience.

 In a nutshell, American Lawn Mower offers top notch performance and is considered as the best self-propelled lawn mower for home purposes. The major drawback is it requires little human effort to push the mower and there is no dust bag to collect the grass.


  • 4 smooth spinning blades.
  • Polymer wheels with 4 blade reel.
  • Offers superior cutting performance.
  • Easy to operate and maintain as well.
  • 5-1.75inch height adjustment settings.
  • Comes under 1 year manufacturing warranty.


  • Absence of dust bag.
  • Requires human effort.

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4. Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower with Grass Bag

Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower

Hurry up guys! If you’re willing to buy lawn mowers, then do not waste time on spending fraud models. Instead go with the Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower that comes at inexpensive price and available in black, green, blue and red colours.

What we like the most is the presence of dust bag with 10.6 gallons capacity at the rear side for collecting and detaching grass clippings quickly. Also, it has everything starting from detachable deck, sturdy wheels, ergonomic handle, power cord, 12A motor for convenient usage and thereby improves the overall performance.

The motor runs at a rate of 3500 RPM with no load function and can be operated with a single push button. 3 position height adjustments i.e. 2-2.5inches supports a maximum of 1/4 acre or less and a detachable grass catcher on the rear side to collect the grass, weeds or dried leaves present in the garden.

To conclude, the performance of Sun Joe electric lawn mower is good and best to use for small to big yards. Apart from the features and functionality, the product comes under 2 years manufacturing warranty which further minimizes the repairing costs. The only thing most people complaint is that beginners may face difficult to assemble the hardware components provided in the kit.


  • 3500 RPM of motor speed.
  • Comes at reasonable prices.
  • Electric motor runs at 12A power.
  • 6 gallons of dust bag capacity.
  • Suitable for yards upto 1/4 acre or less.
  • Available in 4 colours – black, blue, green, red.
  • Compact design structure for easy mobility.
  • Features 3 height adjustment settings 2-2.5inches.
  • 5.5inch rear wheel size and 14 inch cutting width.


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5. Greenworks 14-Inch 10 Amp Corded Dethatcher 27022

Greenworks 14-Inch 10 Amp Corded Dethatcher 27022

If you want to make your indoor garden look beautiful, one must always have Greenworks Corded Mower at home. Though it comes at reasonable prices, offers reliable performance throughout its usage. 

Compared to Greenworks 25022 model, this brand comes with 14 inch detachable deck, 10A motor power to get the things done easily and quickly. 

It has got only 3 position height adjustment options to control the device and use according to the gardening needs and deeds. At the bottom of the mower, you’ll notice stainless steel tines that appears like teeth like structure to cut the grass and offers long-lasting performance.

The size of the wire gauge is around 14 inches which is recommended to have a power cord of length 50 feet or less. It is mainly because undersized power cord results in power loss and may experience overheating issues.

Beginners may face difficulty in handling the mower due to the complex operation. Hence, to make it easy, the manufacturer offers an instruction manual which help users know about the attachments, blades, operating power, how to setup, and use effortlessly.

Wrapping up, this electric lawn mower is best for household purposes. It is also backed with 4 years manufacturing warranty from the date of purchase. During this time, you can get repaired for free of cost by visiting the nearest authorized service center.

What we didn’t like is the outer body and attachments are made of cheap plastic material which damages quickly on a continuous usage. Moreover, it is ideal for those who clean the garden once or twice a week.


  • Offers reliable performance.
  • Foldable handles for easy storage.
  • Stylish and ergonomic design structure.
  • 120V operating voltage, 60Hz frequency.
  • Backed with 4 years manufacturing warranty.
  • Instruction manual for the convenience of users.
  • Pack of 18 stainless steel tines for grass cuttings.
  • Padded grip and adjustable handle for easy mobility.


  • Few attachments may damage quickly.
  • Outer body made of cheap plastic material.

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6. Greenworks 13-Inch 40V Cordless String trimmer/Edger, Battery Not Included 21332

Greenworks 13-Inch 40V Cordless String trimmer

Yet another model 21332 from the same brand Greenworks. This wonderful cordless mower can be used as a trimmer and edger depending on the necessity in the garden space. Hence, it is considered as one of the best cordless mower for multi-purposes.

In contrast with other popular brands, it is battery operated and the cordless design makes easy to operate and eliminates the tangling of wires. The lightweight nature makes the mower easy to shift from one location to another within the garden space.

We’re also impressed with the 60 minutes of battery runtime that covers to a maximum of ½ acre. The 4-position pivoting head helps for easy trimming and edging in different directions. Edging wheels give tremendous results by reaching the toughest weeds and

To make use of this amazing lawn mower, you need to fully charge the device using lithium-ion batteries at 40V. Like other models from the same brand, it also comes under 4 manufacturing warranty.

To summerize, this Greenworks lawn mower offers decent performance and is good at removing the excess grass/weeds in the garden. When you purchase mower online, you won’t get a battery which you need to buy separately and auto line feed cannot operate effectively when used for a long time.


  • Cheapest electric lawn mower.
  • Lightweight and durable nature.
  • 4 years of manufacturing services.
  • Easy to clean and maintain as well.
  • Pivot head for trimming and edging.
  • Auto-feed line and quieter operation.
  • Smooth operation and generates less noise.


  • Need to buy battery separately.
  • Auto-line feed doesn’t work properly.

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7. Greenworks 13-Inch 4 Amp Corded String Trimmer 21212

Greenworks 13-Inch 4 Amp Corded String Trimmer

What are you waiting for, when you have the Greenworks Corded Trimmer at home. It is one of the best corded trimmer that supports large yards and has several benefits like unlimited run time and saves your money.

When you buy Greenworks corded trimmer, you’ll get the user-friendly manual and a trimmer that features 13inch deck, height adjustments, push start button and much more. Let’s discuss each feature in detail!

While trimming the garden area, you don’t need to worry about the back pains as it comes with height adjust options that can be set according to your needs.

The fine gripping handles makes the trimmer move freely in garden areas without causing inconvenience to the customers. As it is a corded type lawn mower, has unlimited runtime that supports small yards and gardens.

Unlike other mower brands, it includes telescopic shaft for height adjustment and cord lock to prevent accidental damages like unplugging, wire tangling etc. To use this trimmer as an edging device, simply rotate the device to generate instant results.

To recapitulate, the Greenworks corded trimmer is good to use for small yards. It is available in green colour and comes at low-prices to make everyone opt for it without having a second thought. The only disadvantage is that you cannot take it to outdoors as it is completely a corded type. Customers often complaint that the device experience overheating issues when used continuously for a long-time.


  • 4A of brushless motor power.
  • Warranty is about 4 years.
  • 13 inch cut path and unlimited runtime.
  • User-friendly manual to guide beginners.
  • Offers smooth and noiseless operation.
  • Easily switched from trimmer to edging device.
  • Telescopic shaft and cord safety lock features.


  • Not suitable for outdoors.
  • May experience overheating issues.

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8. Great States 415-16 16-Inch Reel Mower Standard Full Feature Lawn Mower 

Great States 415-16 16-Inch Reel Mower Standard Full Feature Lawn Mower

If you do not want to grow pests and weeds in your garden space, then it’s highly recommended to use Great States Reel Mower that comes in simple yet unique design to match with the customer’s requirements.

The rotary blades cut the grass like a pair of scissors without ripping and ensure greenery and attractive lawn. It has got 16inch cutting width and height adjustment settings between 0.5-2.5inch for the convenience and comfort.

 Lightweight design makes easy to push freely in the garden and can be stored in garages or hang them on walls. Wheel size is around 10inch which makes easy to roll on grass without applying too much pressure on this cordless mower.

The product manufacturer offers warranty of 1year from the purchased date. If you any of the attachments damaged, get it repaired for free by visiting the authorized service center near your locality.

 Winding up, this is the only device that comes with 5-blades and offers excellent performance to the users. It is best to use for those who love gardening and maintain properly for healthy living. The wheel axle gets damaged when you use mower at high speeds for gardening purposes.


  • 16 inch cutting width.
  • Perfect for small lawns.
  • 10 inch ball bearing wheels.
  • Comes with 5-blades to cut the grass.
  • 5-2.5inch height adjustment options.
  • Sharp and sturdy blades for easy manoeuvring.
  • Powder coated handles to prevent rust formation.


  • Warranty is about 1 year.
  • Wheel axle may damage quickly.

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9. Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

Are you looking for a user-friendly lawn mower that makes easy to clean and operate? Then you must definitely try Scotts Lawn Mower. It is considered as one of the best brand lawn mower available in the market due to the versatile functionality and fast accessing.

The 20 inch reel mower is good enough for healthy precision cutting and with quiter operation and 5 heat treated steel blades snips the grass like scissors leaving the garden healthier and greener. As it incorporates smooth ball bearings, effectively moves the blades when you start pushing the mower.

Moreover, this lightweight mower is easy to assemble, operate and store in the desired location you want. You can clean the device manually once/twice a month for optimal performance.

This wonderful lawn mower comes with 9 height adjustment settings to set according to the gardening requirements. The 10inch dual tracking composite wheels (2+2) are used for free mobility within the yards.

The product weighs around 34 pounds which makes easy to carry from one place to another and comes under 2years manufacturing warranty. So, you don’t need to worry about repairing costs.

As the device is made of cheap quality plastic material, there are more chances of damaging the product within a short duration. Also, performing the manual operation takes up your valuable time and effort.


  • Easy to assemble, clean and maintain.
  • Need to manually operate this mower.
  • Comes with 9 height adjustment settings.
  • Precision blade technology and ball bearings.
  • 5 heat-treated steel blades for cutting the grass.
  • 20 inch mower with 10 inch dual tracking wheels.


  • Made of cheap quality plastic.
  • Takes more time to cut the grass.
  • Does not use batteries or power cord for fast processing.

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How to Choose an Electric Lawn Mower?

It would be really frustrating to invest in a model that doesn’t suit the requirements. To prevent wasting your money on a wrong model, we recommend considering the factors mentioned in this buying guide. This information helps you shortlist the right model as per your needs.

1. Corded Vs Cordless Mowers:

Electric lawn mowers are available in both corded (plug-in) and cordless (battery-powered) models.

Corded Electric Lawnmowers – Here, the mower will run by drawing power continuously from an outlet and thereby its mowing power won’t reduce with battery charging. It is the best option for mowing small lawns or lawn with thick grass. Though it is less expensive yet less convenient/comfortable to use because of its power cord and its extensions. Its power cord will let you know how far you can mow.

Cordless Electric Lawnmowers – The battery-powered mower is used anywhere a lawn requires cutting. It is the best option for mowing larger yards or lawn full of trees. In general, the battery runtime will be 30 – 60 minutes and has to be recharged. The drawback is its battery charging, as mowing power reduces when the battery level gets low. It’s worth investing in a second battery to continue your mowing process when the first one runs down.

Note: You can choose either corded or cordless electric lawn mower based on your requirements.

2. Push Vs Self-Propelled:

Based on its movement (manoeuvrability), electric lawnmowers are available in two types – Push type and Self-propelled lawn mower. Let’s know about them in detail.

  • Self-Propelled Electric Mower

Are you concerned with tiredness (or) your lawn having thick grass or turf, which need extra force to cut through? Then this self-propelled mower will be your best companion. It is equipped with a motor that makes it work great for larger lawns or lawns with thick grass/weeds. You won’t require any physical effort, as the motor generators power to move the mower. It is a bit expensive than push-powered models.

  • Push-Powered Electric Mower

It is the best option while dealing with smaller lawns or lawns with thinner grass. Choosing the best-corded push lawn mower is affordable and offers less maintenance, but you have to push it forward to move the mower, which includes most physical efforts and may result in back or leg strains for aged people.

3. Deck Size & Cutting Swath:

A general rule for proper mowing is – deck size should equate to the width of its cutting swath. So, a mower with a big deck will cut a more significant path in every pass and thereby mow the lawn in a few passes. Thus, it saves your mowing time and the power of your mower.

A bigger deck works best on thicker grass and offers you an extra smooth cut than a small deck. In case, if you have a push type with a big deck, then it is hard to push the mower. Also, doing some extra work may have a chance of quick battery exhaust. Remember, unlike a small mower, it is not easy to store a big mower. So, the bigger the mower, the more room it occupies to store in a garage.

Most experts recommend to buy an electric mower with either a too big or too small deck for your lawn. The standard size of a deck for an electric mower should be 15 – 20 inches.

4. Motor Power:

Always choose the electric mower with enough energy/power to mow the thicker and taller grass. Or else whatever features it has, everything will go into vain.

So, the motor size will let you know how fast your mower blade will spin and how strong it can cut against the rough grass. The motor power is measured in terms of Amps. We recommend you choose a mower’s motor power based on the grass type and lawn sizes.

  • For a bigger lawn or thick/tall grass, use a mower with a 12-amp motor
  • To manage a small lawn with short grass, go with a mower having 8-to-10-amp motor power.

5. Height Adjustment:

No one wants to trim the grass too short, as they turn to brown or die, and don’t try to cut tall grass with a mower, which is low to ground. So, a height adjustment is an essential feature to check in all types of mowers, including this electric one.

In general, most manufacturers offer mowers with multiple cutting width adjustment settings. You can choose a mower with 3 – 4 height adjustment settings that will provide great flexibility to work well on any type of grass, and in any kind of terrain conditions.

6. Discharge Settings:

Modern mowers come with a grass management system, which includes various features like mulching, bagging and side discharging for the grass they cut.

  • Bagging – Collect the grass clippings into the bag for disposal (or) mulching.
  • Mulching – Helps to turn grass clippings into natural fertilizer and give back your yard.
  • Side Discharge – It scatters the grass cuttings on the side while mowing, which you have to clean up later.

This grass discharge system is not found in traditional mowers. Not having a grass-catching bag, which makes you sweep all those grass clippings (thrown out through the sides of the mower) later to keep your yard clean.

So, a mower with a grass management system will be your best choice, as it prevents the stress of the later clean-up process after mowing. These are a bit expensive, yet worth investing in to manage your grass clippings effectively.

7. Mower Size and Width:

Usually, a large mower will have a large deck. As we all know that, a large and heavier mower is a bit harder to push & maneuver, especially, if you have a small lawn or thicker grass. We spend some quality time with these mowing activities. So, choose a mower that is comfortable and easy to use.

8. Weight:

Weight is an essential factor to consider while shopping for these types of consumer machines. The reason is that we will spend some time dragging this mower around and no one wants to strain their hands and back.

A lightweight mower is easy to use/maneuver and also it is easy to store in a garage/shed. While heavier mowers are more difficult to maneuver and also takes up a lot of space for their storage. But these electric lawnmowers are compact (size) and not having a gas engine will make them lighter than gas-powered or traditional mowers.

So, one can easily carry this lighter electric mower around. In case, if you’re using a cordless mower, then the left-over charging in the battery will let you take it back to the garage in the middle for its charging.

9. Cord Size:

One has to consider this option while planning to purchase a corded electric mower. It is a must to buy the extension cords to use the corded mower effectively and effortlessly. Here, the lawn radius will determine the length of extension cords to use for mowing your yard.

For small-medium yards, the cord length will be from 50 – 100 feet with a thickness of 12 – 14 gauge, whereas it would be more for bigger yards. Choosing a high-rated extension cord will assist you properly in mowing the lawn. Though this rating will depend mainly on the wire size and the number of amperes. This indicates thicker wires ensure more power supply through the cord.

10. Voltage:

One has to consider this option while shopping for a cordless battery-powered mower. Here the voltage describes the strength of the battery. A mower with a higher voltage can easily handle even difficult tasks, but mowers with high-voltage batteries are heavier and expensive. On average, the battery range used to power a cordless mower will be 20 – 82 volts. High voltage batteries will generate more power and offer extra torque for more cutting power through dense grass.

11. Battery – Performance and Charge Time:

The runtime and charging time of a battery are vital to consider while choosing a cordless mower. Let’s know about them.

Battery Runtime – The runtime of most batteries will be from 30 – 60 minutes and one has to consider their lawn size and terrain type to choose a mower with a proper runtime. For instance, a mower with a 30 minutes battery will work fine for small yards. While the runtime will be more for larger or complicated lawns.

Charging Time – Another feature to estimate the battery’s quality. Usually, a few batteries regain their full charge within 30 minutes, whereas others may take a bit longer than 3 hours to charge fully. In case, a battery with a long charge time won’t matter much while trimming the whole lawn in one go. If the battery takes more than 1 charge cycle, then these three hours can get deadly fast.

Note – Irrespective of the runtime or charge time of your mower batteries, you have to choose a backup battery. It will let you charge one while using the other to complete the mowing task quickly.

12. Compatibility:

The manufacturers of an electric lawnmower consider this mower as a single piece of equipment. They manufacture battery to be compatible with various other equipment. So, check for the other devices available (like chainsaws, string trimmers, leaf blowers, etc.) from the same manufacturer, which is compatible with this battery.

13. Durability:

We want to use the machine for a longer time without any issues. So, be sure that a mower from the engine to the wheels, everything should be made of top-notch quality. This will ensure that your machine will work for many years. Also, read the customer reviews and ratings on a particular mower before buying it, to know about its quality and durability.

14. Safety Features:

Mostly the safety issues arise while using an electric corded mower. Since electricity passes through the cord, it should be heavy to provide safety. The corded mower is safe to use when handled properly and having safety features like child lock, flaps, and guards (to protect the operator from shooting debris).

15. Push Button Start:

One can start an electric mower by using several methods like a starter key, handle or a button. But most experts suggest you use a push button to start the device, as it is easy & quick to start and convenient to operate.

16. Wheel Size & Type:

The size and type of wheel will affect the grip and movement (manoeuvrability) of a mower while mowing your lawn. So, you have to check this feature while shopping for an electric lawnmower.

Wheel Type – A mower with soft rubber wheels will provide a smooth run and better traction. While hard ones will not roll smoothly and provides less traction.

Wheel Size – A general rule is, the bigger the wheels, the better you can move easily. So, irrespective of ground type (even or uneven), you should get a mower with its back wheels a bit bigger than front wheels for easy movement.

17. Blade Quality:

Always prefer to choose lawnmower blades, which are built with corrosion-resistant, durable, strong and high-tensile materials. This will retain their sharpness for a longer time and thereby increase the duration between its sharpening sessions.

18. Ease of Use:

Here are a few check-list, which let you use a mower with ease of use. Have a look at them.

  • Check the cord length while selecting a lawnmower, as the cord won’t interfere with the grass cutting process.
  • The mower with an adjustable handle height will let you make use of it by any of your family members.
  • Select the mower designed with padded, ergonomic handles to prevent chaffing or blisters on your hands while mowing.
  • Also, pick a model that offers a primary ignition system that ignites with either a button or a key or both. Thus, it works easier than gas mowers.
  • Choose the mower that comes with a minimum warranty of 3 – 5 years, against its manufacturing defects.

19. Price:

The electric lawnmowers come within the range of $100 – $1000, as it depends on the build quality, type of the mower, extra features, and brand of the product.

  • The price of corded electric lawnmowers will start around $100. Though they are affordable, one has to invest in a high-quality extension cord for its proper usage.
  • Cordless mowers will cost a bit expensive, and their range will be from $200 – $800. Most customers prefer to pay extra for the convenience of battery power.

Electric Lawn Mowers – Advantages & Disadvantages:

Before purchasing an electric lawnmower, one has to know all about its benefits and drawbacks. Have a look at them.


  • There is no need to store flammable gasoline in your shed or garage.
  • Unlike gas-powered/traditional mowers, no need to have engine maintenance like refilling engine oil, changing spark plugs and filters for this mower.
  • Irrespective of the type of electric mower, it will cost around $5 – $10 to operate the mower for a single growing season. While gas-powered mowers, which uses fuel to operate will cost around $15 – $25 per session.
  • This type of mowers is environmentally friendly, as they won’t produce hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide or other fossil-fuel fumes.
  • In general, an electric mower will produce 65 – 75 decibels of noise, which is equal to the noise of an operating washing machine (or) a conversation between two persons. Whereas gas mowers will generate sound between 95 – 100 decibels of noise, which is comparable to a loud motorcycle.


  • Corded mowers have limited cord length, usually around 100 feet from an exterior power outlet.
  • How long the batteries of a cordless mower hold its charge will determine its runtime/mowing time.
  • These are not powerful/efficient as gas mowers and a bit difficult to mow thick lawns or dense grass.
  • Never operate electric mowers on wet grass, as it comes with a risk of shock. Also, accidental mowing over the cord of a mower will result in causing electric shocks.
  • On average, cordless electric mowers are a bit more expensive than a gas mower.

Maintenance Tips:

Maintaining your lawnmower is as important as buying the best lawnmower as per your lawn requirement. So, look at its maintenance tips and follow them regularly for its proper ad long-lasting performance.

  • Go through the user manual before you start using this mower to know all about its procedures (operating & cleaning) and maintenance routine, which help you to make better use of it.
  • It is best to clean the mower after its every use to keep away germs and bacteria from the machine and keep the blades sharp as well. Most models have a built-in washout port to make the cleaning job much easier. Also, clean mower carburetor several times.
  • Blades tend to become dull over a course of time. So, they require constant sharpening at least once every 2 – 3 months to cut grass effectively.
  • A battery-powered mower will run on the engine and it requires regular oiling to ensure its long lifespan.

Safety Tips for An Electric Lawn Mower:

Below are some basic precautionary measures one has to follow for operating a mower safely and securely.

  • It is a must to read the user manual of a machine thoroughly before its operation to know how to operate, maintain and clean them effectively.
  • It is better to walk in your yard before you start the mowing process. This will help to clear away any material on the lawn to have a proper mowing effect.
  • Wear proper footwear when you’re mowing the lawn to reduce the potential hazards of injuries.
  • If your children are interested in mowing the lawn then it’s best to stay by their side. Thus, they can learn how to mow the lawn properly.
  • A continuous running of a machine will heat up the engine. So, avoid touching the hot engine part that may result in severe burn injuries.
  • Avoid using a corded electric mower on wet grass. It is a universal reason that doesn’t mix water and electricity. So, mowing wet grass results in electrical short or shock.
  • Driving your mower with blades out on a gravel driveway will weaken the quality of the blade and thereby makes them dull to chop. So, never do it in this way.
  • It is not advised to run your fingers to remove any material/twig when the machine is working on, it causes injuries. Always try to remove any obstructions from the mower after turning it off.
  • While using a corded mower, you should mow away from the cord. For this, you have to start mowing back and forth towards the house, starting near the electrical outlet and mow in swaths. This will keep the cord out of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to maintain an electric lawn mower?

Ans: In general, electric mowers need a little less maintenance than gas mowers. Here are some ways which let you maintain your mower effectively. Store the mower in a dry place like a covered shed or garage for storing after use. Regularly clean/remove any stuck-on grass clippings under the mower deck before and after its use. Sharpen their blades once every 2 months. Clean the blades and bags after their use.

2. Do electric mowers trim well?

Ans: As we already mentioned, electric mowers a bit less powerful than gas mowers. But no worries, this electric lawnmower will work best for small – medium-sized lawns or lawns having thin grass (not ultra-dense).

3. Is it a must to have an extension cord for electric lawnmowers?

Ans: Yes, it is a must to use an extension cord while using corded electric lawnmowers. The reason is that they have an insufficient shorter cord, which makes them unable to mow effectively. So, complement your mower with an appropriate extension cord.

4. How long does an electric lawnmower last?

Ans: Usually, it depends on the quality and built material. So, an electric mower can last for 5 – 10 years. While using a lithium-ion battery for a cordless mower, you have to replace it every 5 years.

5. What are the best brands of electric lawnmowers?

Ans: Although, there are plenty of brands, including newcomers manufacturing these mowers, that has flooded the market. This makes it quite difficult to choose the best one that comes within your budget. As per our research, you can choose makers like Stihl, American Lawnmower, Black+Decker, Green Works, Bosch, Sun Joe, Ryobi, Ego, and Husqvarna.

6. How to start and operate an electric lawnmower?

Ans: Usually, electric mowers are easy to start than gas mowers. They come with a simple button press, which is located either on the handle or side/back of the frame. While larger models come with pull bars or other safety locks to stop the mower from starting till you hold the handle in a certain way. Whereas other models have simply designed to press the start button to start and operate the mower.
Instead of using a corded or cordless mower, you can look for modern mowers, which offer both corded plug and cordless battery. Here the battery works as a backup source by charging while running on an electric outlet. This will help you to operate effectively and grab the benefits of both types of electric mowers.

Final Words to Say…

So far, we’ve included the information related to the Lawn Mowers and in what way it is helpful to make the garden/yards look attractive. If you’re the one looking for best lawn mowers available in the market, then you must consider several key factors like run time, blades and attachments, mower type, price and warranty details.

Greenworks Corded Lawn Mower is our top pick from the list of best lawn mowers that are in great demand. It comes with 7inch front, 10inch rear wheels, 20 inch steel and 12A powerful motor deck to maximize the usage capabilities. It is possible to adjust the mower in 7-different positions.

To start the mower, simply plug-in the cord to a power source and push start button to operate with hassle-free functioning. The manufacturer offers a backup of 4 years warranty and there’re very good online reviews and ratings too.

If you’ve any queries regarding Electric Lawn Mowers, feel free to share with us in the comment section. We’re pretty happy to clarify them as soon as possible.

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