This Is Us Team Explains Emotional Kevin and Randall Moment

This Is Us Season 5 has been tackling many important topics.

During This Is Us Season 5 Episode 13, Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) started the process of repairing their relationship.

They addressed their upbringing and, more importantly, the way they perceived one another.

The conversation had many big talking points, and Randall opened up about his experience of being a Black child adopted by a white family.

Jon Dorsey, who wrote the episode, and Kay Oyegun (director) opened up to Entertainment Weekly about how they managed to bring the episode to life.

“Definitely finding the right levels, making sure it didn’t get too heated, but making sure that they were taking the heavy subject matter seriously,” said Dorsey of the challenges of penning such a pivotal episode.

“And then also, for me, it was making sure that there was a balance between Randall and Kevin, and [the conversation] not feeling too one-sided, like we were piling on Kevin completely. Randall certainly has his own flaws as a character as well. So all of that – the calibration, the balance were definitely tricky.”

Oyegun revealed the epsiode was elevated by Brown and Hartley.

“I think the biggest thing is [these characters] are always honest with each other. That part of it really came through. And what’s great about it is that this is not a first-season conversation.

“This is one that the actors, the characters, and the audience have been on this journey with them. It’s not like the audience had not been privy to those things.

“Now, that it’s actually staring them directly in the face and speaking to them is something that might be jarring, but it was something that our actors and our characters were both prepped for in a way that works really well.

“They’re just both so talented. Read the dictionary and they’ll find calibrations, like, ‘What?’ But it was pretty incredible to watch them.”

Okay, This Is Us fanatics.

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