The 5 Best Personal Air Conditioner Fan Reviews and Buying Guide

Most Comfortable and Convenient Way to Cool Down the Room

Portable air conditioner fan is the perfect way to cool the room where there is not possibility of installing a centralized or wall-mounted ACs.

These ready-to-use appliances are mostly used in cars, RVs, small office cabins, outdoor patios, office study table and other similar.

If mini air conditioner is your choice, then make sure to consider the following factors to choose the right model.

  • Mode of Operation – Personal AC fans runs on either AC power or in-built battery power. Battery-powered ACs can be used anywhere till their battery discharges, whereas the AC power can run continuously until you turn off or there is a power cut. So, choose as per your needs.
  • Cooling Capacity & BTU Value – Check the BTU value before making the purchase. It presents the capacity of personal air conditioner fan. The BTU should range from 8000 – 14000 for perfect cooling.

Apart from these factors, they are various key factors you have to check, which we have mentioned in the below Buying Guide.

Scroll down to know the Best Personal Air Conditioners available in the market. They are carefully picked after several hours of testing and analysis.

5 Best Personal Air Conditioner Fan

5 Best Personal Air Conditioner Fan Reviews

1. Ovpph Portable Air Conditioner Fan


OVPPH Portable Air Conditioner Fan is the latest design air cooler launched in 2020. It has a specially engineered 5.5” oversized blades that cover a wider area and provides you with strong airflow for instant cooling.

It is popular for its 3-in-1 working i.e as a table fan, humidifier and personal air cooler. It emits 7LED Light colours for you and can be used as a night lamp also. This feature makes your mood happy and refreshing.

It has a 420ml water tank, in which ice cubes can also be added. All this together can accelerate cooling around you and your cooler can run for 4-6 hours once filled fully. It has a speed adjustment switch that lets your fan run at low, medium or high speed as per your choice.

OVPPH Personal AC also has a timer button that allows you to program your cooler for 2hrs or 4hrs running continuously after which it auto shuts-off.

Key Considerations

  • It has a whisper-quiet operation with noise less than 32dB that lets you sleep undisturbed.
  • It has low energy consumption.
  • Air gets purified multiple times that gives you clean and odour-free air.
  • It has a size of 11.4”Hx6.5”W and weighs only 2.4 pounds. This compact size allows you to shift it to places of your interest very easily.
  • OVPPH gives you 24hr quick replies to your queries that lets you use your cooler effectively.
  • You also get a one-year warranty guarantee on your OVPPH air cooler.


  • It has safe design that makes it chid friendly.
  • 3-In-1 working makes it worth to pay for.
  • Generated low electricity bill.
  • Reduces dryness around you quickly.
  • Very quiet in operation.


  • Air swing option is not there(gives air in one direction only).
  • Water level indicator is not there.
  • It is not rechargeable hence always need a power socker for running.

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2. Mikikin Portable Air Conditioner Fan


MIKIKIN PERSONAL AC FAN can be used as bed light as it has 7 Led Mood Lights that pleases your mood and brings you sleep very quickly. This PERSONAL AC FAN is a 3-in-1 cooler that can work as an air cooler, normal fan and humidifier.

It blows cool and humidified air so that your skin never gets dry and you feel cooling sensation every time you use it. You can also change the direction of blown air in up-down direction with the help 120° air adjustment outlet.

Its speed adjustment switch lets your fan run at low, medium or high speed as per your choice. Its 400ml efficient water tank capacity in which ice cubes can also be added makes you feel cooling instantly and for a longer period of time.

Key Considerations

  • Its timer control function of 2hrs and 4hrs lets you run your cooler continuously for 2hrs or 4hrs after which it automatically shuts-off.
  • It has water shortage indicator that notifies you of less water in your cooler and stops refrigerated cooling automatically.
  • It removes odour from the hot air and gives you cleaner and cooler air to breathe.
  • With a size of 8.3”Hx 5.1”W and minimal weight of 1.83pound, this does not takes much space and is very easy to use.
  • It has a built-in-handle like a bucket which lets you take it anywhere along with you.


  • Runs very quietly, thus provides zero disturbance to you.
  • Uses very low electricity.
  • Provides cleaner air to breathe.
  • Very compact in size, hence easy  to handle and operate.


  • Does not have automatic air swing delivery system.
  • You need to sit very close to it, to feel the cooler air.

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3. Ovpph New Design Mini Personal AC Fan

ovpph ac

This is another Personal AC fan from OVPPH but it is popular for its new design. It also has 7Led Light Colors to please your mood. It provides you with nearly all the features similar to Mikikin Personal Ac Fan but with a very less price compared to Mikikin.

It works as 3-in-1 air cooler that provides you normal fan air, cooler air and humidified mist air. The mist air never lets your skin feel dry. Cool air can be adjusted by you in up-down direction with the help 120° air adjustment outlet.

Its speed adjustment switch lets your fan run at low, medium or high speed as per your choice. It has a water tank capacity of 400ml that can run for 3-5hrs once fully filled. Ice cubes can also be added to enhance the cooling effect for you.

Key Considerations

  • The timer function of 2hrs and 4hrs lets you run it continuously for 2hrs or 4hrs after which it automatically shuts-off.
  • The water shortage indicator awares you of low water in your cooler and stops the refrigerated cooling also.
  • It also gives you cleaner and cooler air to breathe as it removes odour from hot air.
  • With a size of 8.9”Hx 5.1”W and minimal weight of 1.23pound, this does not takes much space and is very easy to use.
  • It has a built-in-handle like a bucket which lets you take it anywhere along with you.


  • Very less expensive as compared to other brands.
  • Saves your electricity bill very much.
  • Runs quietly and hence do not disturb you.
  • Easy to port from one place to other.


  • Does not have automatic air swing delivery system.
  • You need to sit very close to it, to feel the cooler air.

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4. Auzkin Portable Air Conditioner


AUZKIN brand brings you their new and latest design products regularly that give you better performances in very less price. It is all because they spend one-third of their revenue on R&D every year.

Their Mini Personal Ac is no different. It is popular because of its Ultra-Sonic Atomization Technology that breaks the water droplets into very small fine water particles which in turn blows you the highly cooled and humid air. This humidifier nature of it never lets your skin get dry.

Its speed adjustment switch provides you cool air in low (3m/s), medium (3.2m/s) or high (3.5m/s) speed as per your choice. It has a 320ml water tank that can provide you cooling for upto 4-6hrs.

Key Considerations

  • It has Automatic Air Swing of 90° oscillation left-right that lets you distribute air to all the corners of your room.
  • Its adjustable louvres swing the blown air in the up-down direction so that your whole body feels the cool air.
  • It has timer setting of 2/4/6hrs, that lets your cooler run continuously after which it shuts-off automatically and ensures you do not catch cold due to continuous running.
  • It blows blue soft light with cold air so that you feel relaxed and get sleep quickly. You can use it as decorating light also to create a delightful atmosphere.
  • It has a size of 5.51”W x 5.14”D x 9.77”H with a weight of 2.83 pounds. It does not occupy much space and is easy to handle.
  • It has a handle on the back that lets you carry it anywhere along with you.


  • Uses very low power of 18W per hour that reduces your electricity bill.
  • Oscillating air swings make air reach every corner of your room.
  • It has better features in very less price when compared to other brands.


  • Ice cubes cannot be added into water tank.

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5. Ameiko Portable Air Conditioner Fan


Ameiko Mini Personal Ac Fan is liked by customers because it is a rechargeable battery fan which can be run by charging through your adapter, power bank or laptop with a USB cable. This cooler provides you instant cooling with humidification that keeps skin your fresh and moist.

Cool air can be adjusted by you in up-down direction with the help 80° air adjustment outlet. You can also change the speed as low, medium or high as per your choice with the help of speed adjustment switch.

It has a 600ml water tank which can be slide forward to fill the water and then slide backward to start the cooling. It runs longer and adding ice provides you cooling instantly.

Key Considerations

  • Night Light Feature provides you soft soothing light in the night to have a better sleep.
  • It has a built-in negative ion generator that removes odour from warm air and provides you cooled fresh and clean air.
  • It has a size of 8.7”Hx5.2”W and weighs only 2.23 pounds. This makes it compact cooler that occupies less space.
  • It has a handle on top that makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go like picnic, office, train journeys etc.


  • Battery operated hence east to use anywhere.
  • Battery has a long life of 8hrs once fully charged.
  • Easy to port from one place to other.


  • Air adjustment outlet angle is less than other brands.
  • Timer function is not there.

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How to Choose the Best Personal Air Conditioner Fan?

In this guide, we will provide all the essential information needed to choose your right cooler, as per your requirements. Have a look at what are the factors to be considered before buying the personal AC fan.

1. Cooling Areas:

In general, the personal air coolers will cool down small space around the area where they kept, rather than cooling the huge area/room. So, it is essential to consider the room size while using any appliance used to change the temperature.

  • Desktop mini air coolers cool the area within 1 – 5 square meters (10 foot to 50-foot radius).
  • Large evaporative air coolers will reach a large area to cool around 40 – 50 square meters (400 – 500-foot radius).

Also, consider the BTU power while choosing this min AC. British Thermal Unit (BTU) refer to the surface area (sq.ft.) which a cooling device can have its impact. We know that most personal portable AC will cover an area of around 200 – 500 square feet. So, for this type of AC fans, the BTU should range from 8000 – 14000 for perfect cooling.

2. Operating Time/Tank Capacity:

The longer the operating time of a cooler on a single tank, the less time you have to spend on refill the tank. Here the particular model and its tank capacity will determine the operating time on one tank. So, this operating time will vary from one model to another.

Also, this working time depends on the type of mode you set on the cooler. For instance, if you set the highest mode then the cooler quickly uses the water and thus, its operating time will be reduced and thus have less chances that make it last for several hours.

Make sure to know how many liters/pints of water is utilized by a cooler in an hour. So, the operating time of a personal air conditioner fan will be determined by its tank capacity and the operating mode.

3. Power Supply Methods:

An air conditioner with different power supply methods/mode of operation can be used conveniently at anytime and anyplace. In general, we see power supply methods like a rechargeable battery, USB port, and plug-in system.

  • A portable AC fan with a built-in powerful and rechargeable battery will provide a runtime of about 10 – 12 hours. Suits perfect to use both indoors and outdoors.
  • If the personal air conditioner fans feature a plug-in system (works only on electricity) then it offers uninterrupted runtime till there is a continuous power supply. It can be used both indoors and outdoors but should have a nearby electric outlet.

Note – However, both battery or electricity-powered AC fans are preferred to provide continuous cooling. So, it depends on your needs to decide which personal AC fan suits best for you.

4. Water Level Indicator:

The water level indicator will let you know the amount of water left in the tank and when to refill the tank. Most models will alert you with a sound while operating, whereas modern models inform you with a notification on your smartphone. Thus, you came to know when to refill the tank to prevent it from getting empty.

5. Speed Control Knob:

It is a quite common feature seen in all these air conditioner fans. With this option, you can regulate the airflow, either by increasing or decreasing the fan’s speed. In general, there are three speed levels – low, medium and high, used to run the cooler’s fan.

It is essential to check the numerical values of speeds at each speed level before you purchase the air conditioner fans, to get a clear idea of their cooling effect at different speed levels.

6. Timer Function:

Want to run the cooler for a specific period of time? Then this timer option will be helpful. This will let you set time to run air conditioner fans uninterruptedly and turn off automatically when it reached that time.

Continuous running of a cooler may cause some breathing problems, let you catch a cold and thereby disturbs your goodnight’s sleep. If you’re one among those people suffering from these problems, then prefer to choose a personal AC fan with this timer option.

The timer function will let you set the time from 2 – 8 hours with timer options of 2/4/6 hours. You can select the time that suits perfectly for your sleeping patterns. Remember that a cooler with this timer option costs a bit expensive than other models without this option.

7. Filtration Capacity:

These products have powerful air filters. They can be either a single hose system (absorb warm air and unwanted moisture) or a dual hose system (pull fresh air from 1 nozzle and expel warm air from another outlet). Most of these units have a window-like ventilation system to expel out any harmful particulate matter or warm air. A few units cool the air in the room, whereas others cleanse and filter the air by cooling it.

Several models have water reservoirs to dehumidify the room in which these units operating, while some others feature a self-evaporative system to ensure that the device can automatically expel any excess moisture. Make sure to clean these air filters regularly to enhance proper cooking.

8. LED Color Lighting:

This option is most commonly found in recent models. These LED color lighting will indicate to you that this air conditioner fan is running. A few coolers come with multiple color options to provide ambient color lighting. Also, it serves as a lamp at night when it is dark & difficult to move around.

9. Versatility:

Grabbing highly versatile personal air conditioner fans will let you use them in all seasons. You can use this portable air conditioner as a humidifier during the winter. Use them as air conditioner fans in summer and also, it works as an air purifier and desk cooling fan at all times. So, this type of air conditioner fans will perfectly suit most of your needs, rather than using different devices.

10. Air Swing Delivery System:

As the name implies, this air swing delivery system will deliver cool air to reach out to wider areas around you. The wider the oscillation angle, the wider will be the range of air blown area. Simply to say, both are interconnected. If the oscillation angle increases, then it increases the air blown area and vice versa.

If you’re looking for coolers that spread air to wide areas in and around your surroundings, then prefer to choose the cooler with a high oscillation angle.

11. Design & Portability:

Check out the design and portability of your personal air conditioner before you’re going to purchase it. Some people prefer to choose a small and compact design portable air conditioner fan, to use it even in smaller spaces.

A few users may take a little care of their device appearance till it performs its job properly. But most experts suggest considering the design of your air conditioner fan while picking up. other than that, it should have a lightweight design with a portable hand, which makes it easy to move (portability).

With this portability feature, you can enjoy a cool breeze everywhere by placing this fan on the study table, office desk, on the bed at night or outdoors or in picnics with family or friends.

12. Type:

Based on the humidity in the area, the portable air conditioner can be evaporative or non-evaporative. Have a look at their difference and when and where to use them.

Evaporative ACs They blow air by evaporating cold water and thus cools the air in this process. This results in more humid air rather than the air it taking in. This type of units suits best to use in dry climates. All it needs is to require a stable amount of water (or ice) to continue its cooling process.

Non-Evaporative ACs Most of these portable ACs are non-evaporative. They work by the intake of air and cools it quickly. Thus, give back that cool air into the room. It creates condensation and makes the air in your room less humid by working just like a cooler.

13. Other Features:

Here are some additional features that let you make use of these personal air conditioner fans. Have a look at them and check for them while purchasing your personal AC unit.

  • Portability – We have listed a wide variety of personal AC units with portability features. They should be some features like a lightweight, portable handle, rolling wheels to move, etc.
  • Ease of Use – Most of these modern models offers you the ease to use features like remote controls to operate, Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity, speed modes, etc.
  • Price – It is a crucial factor to consider while purchasing this AC unit. Almost these devices are affordable, but make sure to check for the essential features and then purchase the best one that comes within your budget.

Personal Air Coolers Vs Air Conditioner:

This AC fan uses a refrigerant fluid to absorb heat. Thus, it releases cold air to reduce the humidity and temperature in your room. It consumes a lot of energy/power to perform this process, and thus its usage will raise your electricity bill.

While a personal air cooler/mini air conditioner works like an evaporative air cooler. They pull out the warm air from the room by using cool water from its tank. Thus, it reduces the overall heat in your room. These mini air coolers are affordable and won’t suit for humid spaces.

Benefits of Personal Air Conditioner Fans:

Knowing its benefits will set your mind and make your purchase a small portable air conditioner. Have a look at some of its benefits.

  • Keep your area cool at less cost Rather than cooling the entire room by spending huge money on AC, you can use a mini air conditioner that let you grab cool air around you at a low cost. Also, you get reduced utility bills.
  • Portability The personal air coolers, especially desktop-sized coolers suit perfectly to use while heading camping or as a mini-Ac for a car. This portable product can be used till you have a portable battery charger.
  • Requires Less Space These are compact, portable, and lightweight that won’t occupy much room. Also, you can move them easily within a few seconds.
  • User-Friendly You will require a special installation and must obey the local regulations and building rules while mounting window AC. There are no restrictions/installations to use this personal air cooler but you have to fill the water tank.

Limitations of Personal Air Conditioner Fans:

Even though there are several advantages that let you buy this personal AC fan but they are some limitations, which you have to know before its purchase. Have a look at its drawbacks.

  • Noisy The noise level of these personal air coolers may vary from one model to another. You can observe its noise even in the best air conditioner, especially while adjusting it to high speed.
  • Restricted Cooling Capacity Depending on the model, its cooling surface will vary. Most models are used for personal space (of a few meters). So, you can cool a single room (around you) but not multiple rooms (or whole house) with a single mini cooler.
  • Continuous Monitoring of Water Tank Level One has to monitor the water level in your cooler tank and has to refill it whenever necessary. The indicator on the model will let you know if the water level in the tank is low.
  • Won’t Work in Humid Climates These coolers suit perfect to use for dry climates but they are not meant to work well in humid areas.

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Do this personal AC unit have to be vented out of a window?

No, these portable air conditioners won’t require to be vented out a window, like fixed ACs. This feature will make it easy and convenient to use anywhere you want to grab a cool breeze.

2. Where to buy this desktop/mini air conditioner and how much it cost? 

Though you can buy this mini-AC by stepping into a store, the convenient way is to purchase it online. Simply visit online stores like Amazon and check for their features while comparing a few models. Finally, select one and place an order to have a doorstep delivery.

Coming to its price, which varies from one unit to another depending on its features and brand. The normal personal air conditioner fan (without much features) will cost you less, whereas a branded personal AC fan with all features may cost you a few hundred dollars.

3. How does personal air coolers work?

These works by evaporating air – simply turn warm air into a cold breeze. Thus, reduce the temperature in your room and thereby make you feel cool. So, a decent quality portable AC fan will quickly cool a small room, without the need to be wall-mounted. They won’t consume much energy and thereby results in fewer energy costs.

4. Does portable AC face issues due to poor ventilation?

Yes, most of these portable air conditioner fans (not high-end models) have to vent out regularly. Or else, they may be a chance of accumulating the unwanted debris or particulate matter, which gathers into the unit’s operational system and thus, reduces its overall cooling efficiency. Also, they work by releasing some sort of heat release, and if not placed in rooms without proper ventilation, they may be a chance of the device getting overheat or may stop its functioning.


In this article, we have provided you with the best brands in the field of personal ac fans. You have also gone through the features that can be included in your AC FAN. So, select the features you want in your air cooler from our buying guide and you will end up selecting the right brand for you to choose for yourself.

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