The 10 Best LED Light Up Shoes Reviews & Buying Guide

“Light-up Shoes are the perfect accessory for events, parties, or concerts”

Light up shoes are always trendy and help you out standout from others. These flashy light shoes are stylish, durable, and comfortable as well.

It is one of the best gifts for everyone particularly for kids, which make them stand differently and look great with the lights inside the shoe’s sole (especially at night).

Mostly these shoes are designed for walking, dancing, and a few are for sports and professional use. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs to suit the unique needs of customers.

Want to invest in these light-up shoes, then we recommend checking out the below factors.

Color Modes –

It is quite essential to check the color modes offered by the particular shoes. Having multiple color modes in your shoes will offer high flexibility in terms of color changing patterns. However, different light up shoes offers different color modes, in which you can choose from the range of 8 – 12 color modes.

Lighting Time –

All these LED light-up shoes have batteries inside them to power the LED lights to illuminate in your shoes. In case, if you want the lights to stay on throughout the night party, then it is essential to check out the battery life (shoe’s lighting time). Models with a battery life of 8 – 9 hours are more practical than one with a battery of 6 – 7 hours. Also, consider the battery charging time before investing in these shoes.

Designed For –

These lights up shoes are initially designed for kids, but with an increase in its popularity, they are made for adults (both men & women). Light up shoes produce different dazzle colors and attractive flashing light patterns. You have to choose the right size that fit perfectly, and comfortable to wear for a longer time. A few shoe models are designed to use for both men and women (unisex).

Apart from these main factors, there are so many things to consider while shopping for light up shoes, which we have explained in our “Buying Guide”. Also, we reviewed various light up shoes available in the market and list a few best-selling light-up shoes with their best features, pros, and cons.

Best LED Light Up Shoes

Best LED Light Up Shoes Reviews

1. APTESOL Kids Youth LED Light Up Sneakers

APTESOL Kids Youth LED Light Up Sneakers

Aptesol is one of the most popular brands of light up shoes out there which primarily makes shoes for kids that are generally quite feature-rich and a great buy for most.

The Aptesol light up shoes come at the 1st position of this list as it can be a great pick for those of you who want shoes for kids. All of the sizes offered by these light-up shoes are ideal for kids of most ages.

Talking about the color modes, there are a total of 11 color modes offered by this pair of shoes. Although, the given battery life of 5 to 6 hours long is a bit on the shorter side meaning that these may not last throughout the night.

Best Features:

  • Offers 11 color modes to the user
  • Rated battery life of 5 to 6 hour long
  • Ideal for kids


  • High-quality construction
  • Available in various sizes for kids
  • Various color modes for high customizability


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2. Odema Unisex LED Shoes

Odema Unisex LED Shoes

While Aptesol is a brand of shoes made for kids, Odema takes a different approach by making similarly feature-rich light-up shoes for men and women making them highly popular.

Odema’s light up shoes come at the 2nd position of this list as you can consider these shoes as a great option for both men and women. Thanks to the various sizes that it offers, almost everyone should be able to wear these shoes.

Even though it is not as high as Aptesol’s, the included 9 color modes and lighting effects offered by these light-up shoes are quite decent. You also get a pretty decent battery life of 8 to 9 hours long with this pair of shoes making it highly practical. Although, the charging time of its inbuilt battery is a bit too high.

Best Features:

  • Offers 9 color modes to the user
  • Rated battery life of 8 to 9 hour long
  • Ideal for men and women


  • Comes in various different sizes
  • Long battery life
  • Decent variation in color and lighting modes


  • Charging takes a bit too long

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3. SDSPEED Kids Roller Skate Shoes

SDSPEED Kids Roller Skate Shoes

In comparison with all the various other brands out there, SD Speed is quite different as its light up shoes take a different approach at the battery of your light up shoes.

These SD Speed light up shoes come at the 3rd position of this list as you get an excellent battery life rating with them at the expense of charging. This is due to the reason that these light-up shoes do not come with a rechargeable battery. Instead, the preinstalled battery will simply last for up to 3 months which might be preferred by some buyers.

As for the shoe size, these light up shoes are designed for kids because of the different small sizes that it offers. While the color of the LEDs present inside these light up shoes do change, they cannot be controlled manually since there are no color modes.

Best Features:

  • Rated battery life of up to 3 months long
  • Ideal for kids


  • Excellent battery life
  • Made in small sizes for kids
  • Multiple colors in LED lights


  • Non-rechargeable battery
  • Cannot change color modes

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4. SANYES USB Charging Light Up Shoes

SANYES USB Charging Light Up Shoes

Unlike the previous SD Speed, Sanyes and its light-up shoes allow the user to easily control the LED lights and change the color of your light up shoes as you wish.

While most light up shoes available in the market offer various colors, Sanyes takes it to the next level with the various color modes it offers. To be precise, you will find a total of 12 color modes with these light-up shoes making them highly practical and versatile.

Apart from offering a lot of color modes, you also get a high battery life of 8 to 10 hours long which is to be expected at the given price tag. Coming to the size of these light-up shoes, these are designed for both men and women making them a great unisex option.

Best Features:

  • Offers 11 color modes to the user
  • Rated battery life of 5 to 6 hour long
  • Ideal for kids


  • Great unisex light up shoes
  • Excellent color mode options
  • Offers decently long battery backup


  • A bit on the expensive side

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5. Shinmax Fiber Optic LED Shoes

Shinmax Fiber Optic LED Shoes

You can also consider Shinmax if you are looking for something like light-up shoes which are unisex and can be a viable option for both men and women.

With these light-up shoes from Shinmax, you get LED bulbs in the sole area that light up to give out a unique glow. This glow makes these unisex shoes look quite interesting and making them ideal for both men and women.

Irrespective of your gender and preferences, you can easily get any color that you like thanks to its 11 color modes. Although, the given battery life rating of 5 to 8 hours long is a bit on the average side and not as good as others.

Best Features:

  • Offers 11 color modes to the user
  • Rated battery life of 5 to 8 hour long
  • Ideal for men and women


  • Comes in various popular sizes
  • Easy to use controls
  • Offers various color options and combinations


  • Battery life could have been better

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6. AoSiFu Kids Light Up Shoes

AoSiFu Kids Light Up Shoes

In comparison with most other light-up shoes that we have talked about till now, AoSiFu and its offers are quite affordable and offer high value for money.

If you are on a budget, then, you should consider the AoSiFu light-up shoes since they are among the cheapest options out there. Their affordable price is to be expected since these light up shoes come in small sizes that are ideal for kids. Although, its build quality is a bit on the cheaper price tag which is suggested by the price tag.

Thankfully, these light-up shoes are able to offer high flexibility in terms of the color you want thanks to the included 11 color modes. If that is not enough, you will also find a decent battery life of 8 to 9 hours long resulting in a high value for money.

Best Features:

  • Offers 11 color modes to the user
  • Rated battery life of 8 to 9 hour long
  • Ideal for kids


  • Affordable light up shoes
  • Various color options
  • Great battery life rating


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7. WONZOM LED Light Up Shoes

WONZOM LED Light Up Shoes

Wonzom is another brand of affordable light up shoes that can be a viable option if you simply want to try out such shoes for your kids.

Because these light-up shoes from Wonzom are made for kids and not for adults, all of the sizes offered by it are quite small. Thankfully, you do get a variety of sizes to ensure that you can find the right fit for your children.

Unlike what you would consider from a budget offering, these Wonzom light-up shoes offer a lot of color modes which are 11 in total. However, the given battery life rating of 6 to 7 hour long is not as good as other options out there.

Best Features:

  • Offers 11 color modes to the user
  • Rated battery life of 6 to 7 hour long
  • Ideal for kids


  • High-quality construction
  • Available in various sizes for kids
  • Various color modes for high customizability


  • Not the best battery life rating

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8. SLEVEL Toddler Kids LED Light Up Shoes

SLEVEL Toddler Kids LED Light Up Shoes

Slevel is one of the newer brands of light-up shoes out there that offers a wide range of options which can certainly be a great pick for your kids.

The Slevel light up shoes are some of the most comfortable options out there if you want shoes for your kids. This is primarily due to the reason that thanks to its various sizes, finding the right one for your children should be quite easy.

Moving over the LED lights present in the sole of these light-up shoes, they offer a total of 11 color modes which are the same as most other options. Unfortunately, there is no battery rating with these light-up shoes which can be a bummer for many buyers.

Best Features:

  • Offers 11 color modes to the user
  • Ideal for kids


  • Charges via USB
  • Comes with various color options
  • Highly comfortable shoes


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9. SAGUARO 8 Colors LED Light-Up Shoes

SAGUARO 8 Colors LED Light-Up Shoes

While a lot of light up shoes out there offer a long battery life, Saguaro ensures that its light up shoes can easily last throughout the night without an issue.

Saguaro’s light up shoes offers the best battery life when you compare them with the other options stated here. As for its fit, these light-up shoes are made for both men and women making them a viable unisex option if you want one.

Coming to the best feature of these light-up shoes, you get an excellent battery life of 8 to 11 hours which is the best one in this article. That being said, you only get 8 color modes with it which is less than others.

Best Features:

  • Offers 8 color modes to the user
  • Rated battery life of 8 to 11 hour long
  • Ideal for men and women


  • Great unisex option
  • Excellent battery life
  • Decent build quality


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10. UNN Led Light Up Shoes

UNN Led Light Up Shoes

When compared with the previous offering from Saguaro, UNN offers light-up shoes that are highly versatile and flexible in terms of the colors that you can get from it.

These UNN light up shoes are the best option in this listicle if you want to have multiple color options with your light up shoes. And this is highly important to have since these light up shoes are made for both men and women.

To be precise, you will get a total of 12 color modes with these light p shoes which is excellent for most users. And being a reputable option, the given battery life of 8 to 10 hours long is to be expected.

Best Features:

  • Offers 12 color modes to the user
  • Rated battery life of 8 to 10 hour long
  • Ideal for men and women


  • Highly versatile in terms of color options
  • Great battery life
  • Unisex design for both men and women


  • A bit on the expensive side

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Buying Guide for the Best Light Up Shoes

Either it is a party or a concert, make yourself look good and have fun with these LED light-up shoes. However, it is not easy to pick the right pair of light up shoes, one has to take various factors into their account while shopping for light up shoes. So, this guide will help you to choose the best one, as per your requirement.

Let’s check out what are those factors.

1. Lighting Mechanism:

Since the lights are the main attraction to these shoes, you have to check how they are working, their brightness levels, etc. while buying them. In general, there are two basic types of LED light-up shoes available – pressure-activated & rechargeable. Let’s know about them in detail.

Pressure-Activated –

The built-in sensors in these LED light-up shoes get activated when you step, jump, or stomp with these shoes and thereby quickly lit the lights. So, the pressure-activated shoe models are quite effective to get up and move around, why because the LED lights will only illuminate whenever the pressure is applied. The surviving chances of preinstalled batteries of the shoes are good.

Rechargeable –

It features control switches and USB charging ports, which are located inside the tongue or near the heel collar of the shoe. These light-up shoes remain to illuminate till the battery dies or the shoe light switched off. These rechargeable models offer a few hours of battery life, in which most models charge quickly and frequently boast variable light settings to the shoe.

2. Lighting Time and Charging Time:

One has to consider the lighting time/runtime, and charging time/battery timing while shopping for light up shoes. This will let you know the time the shoes illuminate and time it takes to charge the battery for the proper functioning of a given pair of light-up shoes. Also, these days, we notice some high-end LED shoes offering a remote control that let you operate/control lights handy.

  • The runtime will let you know how much time the light will illuminate, which usually last for 6 – 7 hours of lighting for LED light-up shoes.
  • The charging time will let you know how much time it takes to fully charge the battery, which usually lasts for 2 – 3 hours.

3. Color:

Red is the only color available for the LED shoes at the time when they are invented. But in the modern LED shoes, we notice a huge variety of color choices available. The design not only differ in colors, yet also in light brightness and flashing intensity as well. Also, some LED shoes have a steady, constant color, whereas others offer flashlights with different combinations at different intensities.

Some models even offer light flashing patterns that use a variety of colors and combined colors at a time. Usually, different LED light up shoes has different color modes. So, based on the model you pick, they come with either 8 color modes or 12 color modes.

Remember that shoes with much faster flashing intensity or a quick use of color combinations and patterns are relatively less durable compared to traditional light up shoes, assuming both these types of shoes are of the same quality.

4. Light Placement:

Installing LEDs is quite easy in various shoe areas. So, check out the light placement of your shoe before making its purchase. In traditional light shoes, the LEDs are fitted around the sole, while some allow to light up only in the toe or heel area. But modern light up shoes features graphics on the shoe in the form of brand-specific emblems/logos, beloved cartoon characters, and popular kid’s movie themes. So, check them and pick your best fitted light placement for your shoes.

5. Materials:

Mostly, people focus on the lighting system (flash) but forget about the material type while shopping for light up shoes. Kids surely have the skill/ability to test those shoes, as they are assured to have some serious wear in the first few weeks and occasionally in later weeks. So, it is quite essential to look for the materials to make a shoe that lasts longer before making its purpose.

On the Soles – Light up shoes that come with a durable construction will last longer even after their initial novelty has worn off. For instance, choosing a shoe with robust rubber soles will not only let you go the extra mile but also offer traction to prevent you from slipping, when you hop, skip or dance on the ground.

On the Uppers – Check out for age-appropriate materials while thinking about the upper part of the shoe (part covering the top of the foot). For example, it is ideal to use shiny PU leather shoes for adolescents, yet they may suffer from serious scrapes and scuffs at the hands/feet of children. While for a younger crowd, pick the one with sturdy fabrics, faux or genuine leather having reinforced toecaps to fit them better.

6. Sizing:

The shoe size will definitely matter a lot. Though most models are unisex, yet you have to measure your foot and pick the right sized shoe carefully. The reason is that there is a small difference in the leg size of men and women. Men feet is wide, while women feet are usually small. Wearing true sized shoes will make you feel friendly and cozy on your feet.

If you bought too-small sized shoes, which make you feel uncomfortable to wear and let your child enjoy wearing them without painful squeezing, pinching, and rubbing. While using light-up shoes that are a bit too big can easily offer room to grow, but hamper coordination and thereby increase the falling and stumbling chances. So, check out the size of your shoe before you buy them.

7. Quality:

A shoe with an LED design will enhance your outfit but its lifespan depends on the durability of LED lights. If not, it will defeat the purpose of wearing these light-up shoes. A decent quality LED shoe must last for about 6 million steps, which can easily cover 2 – 3 years. Remember that the more we use/wear them for a heavier activity, the less they will last.

8. Control:

We can’t wear these light-up shoes on every occasion, as a few are not meant to use these shoes. At that time, you have to stop your shoes from flashing and remain as normal shoes. So, choose LED shoes that provide you with the ability to turn off the color display/stop the flashing at any point, and make them best suitable to wear for any occasion. This control option comes in the form of a pressure spot, in which you have to apply a certain amount of pressure to the shoes to lock the blinking.

9. Comfort:

Most of these LED sneakers are built like casual shoes, just like a normal sneaker with lights. So, we can at least grab the basic comfort features found in a regular sneaker.

We use the light-up shoes mostly to walk by expecting to deliver proper cushion for comfortable walking. If it lacks, then it causes discomfort especially in high-stress areas like the heel. A general rule is that less cushioning results in less comfort, more heel stress and pain/soreness. While more cushioning leads to more comfortable to wear for a longer time.

While breathability, proper support, and padding in the right places are other things that one has to notice in their footwear before buying. All these will let you stay comfortable with these shoes for a longer time.

10. Midsole:

Though it is the most considered part of any shoe, yet the midsole is quite different in LED shoes. Why because it is the place where these lights are kept (in the pocket within the midsole), and covered by a material that let the light pass through without any issue. But it won’t stop the midsole from its regular work of delivering enough shock absorption along with impact diminishing qualities that let you stay comfortable.

11. Flexibility:

One has to consider the flexibility of your shoe base/foot in every single motion when running, walking, or jumping. Also, the LED circuits and lights themselves have to handle the tension from the flexing midsole. It will be undeniably useless to get LED performance shoes if its circuit will directly worsen as you run. So, check out the flexibility of your shoe while buying.

12. Breathability:

Generally, wet feet are considered the breeding ground for bacteria and thus leave you more prone to painful raw areas and blisters. So, it is always better to keep your feet dry for overall foot health and make you feel great after wearing these shoes. However, a shoe with mesh materials will make them quite easy for cold to each of your feet.

13. Variable Light Settings:

LED light up shoes with adjustable light settings will hold more appeal. Most of these rechargeable models provide at least a handful of lighting modes that include flashing, static, and a selection of colors. It not only customizes LED light patterns, and colors to make things interesting but also manages to match the shoes with a wide range of outfits.

14. Durability:

Everybody wants to purchase long-lasting shoes without ripping too quickly. So, for this, you have to check the durability of the shoes before buying. However, the durability depends mostly on the construction material and its built quality. If you want your shoes to stay a long time with you, prefer to choose shoes made of mesh and leather material with a rubber sole, as it makes the shoe durable, reliable, and last longer.

15. Remote Control:

A few LED light up shoes offers as many as 15 different light settings. Yet one has to press a switch repeatedly on each shoe till to reach their desired light pattern or color. Thus, it becomes annoying at certain times and won’t let you enjoy thoroughly at parties.

To clear this issue, most models offer a remote control to deliver the ultimate convenience in the light selection and thereby allows you to change the light patterns and colors quickly and easily at your fingertips with a single press of a button.

16. Waterproofing:

An average LED light up shoe can be able to handle a quick run through the rain. But the waterproofing efficiency will vary from one shoe model to another. In some shoes, the prolonged exposure to moisture will obstruct their battery life and might damage their lighting function (partially/fully). So, check out the manufacturer guidelines about its waterproofing (how much extend it can sustain) while shopping for these shoes.

17. Price:

The price range will range based on the shoe features, construction material, build quality, and for whom they are designed. In general, the price range of light up shoes for kids will be $10 – $80 (or more), whereas, for adults, the price range will be $50 – $250 (or more).

How Do These LED Light up Shoes Work?

An average LED shoe has 6 circuits of lights and these circuits get activated by the pressure of each step. There are certain spots like the outsole on the shoe that are sensitive to pressure.

Usually, the pressure pad will not trigger till the current pattern is over on the shoes with different color patterns. Or else it will interrupt each step. With the advancement in technology, there are new and more innovative ways to make the lights turn on/off easily.

Mostly it is done as stated above, yet there are other options that let you adjust a button to turn on/off the lights. Also, you can adjust the light settings on the shoes to show different patterns. So, check out either brand’s site or online to find your desired shoe model and its lighting colors/patterns to purchase them.

Tips to Use the Light Up Shoes:

Here are some tips to follow for the proper usage of light up shoes. Take a look at them to know how to use these shoes.

  • While looking for LED light-up shoes for a younger child/toddler, then consider sneakers or slip-ons with Velcro straps (but not with laces). They can easy to put on and remove without others help. Also, they eliminate the chances of tripping over untied shoelaces/accidental falling.
  • Always check the inside part of the rechargeable shoe model before buying. USB ports and switches will not have any sharp edges that cut into the skin, and they have to be placed where they do not rub against tendons or joints.
  • Though it can be fun to have a color-changing light show, yet one has to notice that this light setting can easily and quickly drain batteries. Even brighter colors like yellow or white also use more battery life when compared to cooler colors like blue or green.
  • Shoes with removable sock liners will provide an extra barrier against odor-causing bacterial and moisture and thus extends their shelf life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are these light up shoes reparable?

Based on the shoe structure, these LED lights may or may not be replaced when malfunctioning. A few models/brands let you access the lights easily, but you should try with an expert suggestion. It is not easy to disassemble some shoes and mostly need assistance from store or brand personnel.

2. How much time an LED shoes take to charge?

The charging time of a particular model will depend on its brand, charging port, and shoe properties. A standard charging time for a pair of light-up shoes will take from 2 – 3 hours to charge fully after the battery has depleted upon thorough usage. Also, keep in mind that how often we wear the shoes and in which environment we wear them will play a key role in determining how long the shoe’s battery will take to charge fully along with its overall life (runtime) upon a complete charge.

3. How to turn on lights in these LED flashing shoes?

A charging port is located inside the LED sneaker, and you will find a switch nearby this charging port, which is used to turn on the shoes. This switch also allows you to change the configuration of light patterns and colors as per your need. The manufacturers located this switch on the shoe to make the user adjust the colors and patterns of their light-up shoes easily and quickly. Plus, it let your switch off the lights, when you want to wear them casually.

4. How long do the batteries last in LED sneakers?

Usually, the standard battery runtime for a pair of LED light up shoes will last from 5 – 8 hours of flashing. However, it depends on various factors that are listed below.
Flashing intensity & color patterns A single-colored/pattern LED shoe will use less energy/power to lit compared to shoes with multiple patterns/colors.
Usage Mostly they are used for running or walking, in which running consumes most of its battery charge faster than walking.
Overall Shoe Quality A shoe design that is poorly made may cause damage to the lights and offer less runtime upon every full charge of batteries.
Other factors like the age of the shoes, and their wearing patterns will also affect the battery runtime.

5. Are these LED sneakers machine washable?

Not all LED light up shoe models allow you to wash them. So, make sure to check out the product description and manufacturer’s instructions. If it states clearly that it is suitable for laundry, yet still not to toss them simply in the washing machine, why because circuits won’t get along with water, as its midsoles are not sealed properly for protection against water. In case, if it doesn’t state, it is suitable for the washing machine, then follow the user manual guide.

6. Are these Skechers light up shoes are waterproof?

Generally, these Skechers light up shoes is waterproof. You have to keep the battery inside the shoe dry. Also, it states that you won’t soak the shoe in the water, but it can compete with light rain.

7. Can LED light-up shoes gets switched off for the day–to–day wear?

The light up shoes can turn off when delivering a balance between functionality and fun, but not seen in all models. Most of these shoes are pressure-activated that not to be switched off and continue to lighten up with every step till the LED lights give out (or) the battery dies.
Choosing a rechargeable model with a basic design is the best option for kids. They have to pull double duty, yet not shell out extra for a pressure-activated option that is equipped with an on/off switch.

8. Where to purchase these LED shoes?

With the popularity of LED shoes, you can easily buy them from different stores, either offline or online stores like Amazon. It is easy to find LED light-up shoes for everyone (men, women & kids) in different colors and sizes. All you need is to select the best shoe as per your personal preference and budget. Also, you can purchase these shoes from other online stores.

9. How to charge light flashing sneakers?

While charging these LED shoes, you need to have easy access to the charging port that is located inside the shoe. Then charge the shoe by using the USB cable given with the shoe. Mostly, USB cables come in two ways that let you charge both shoes at the same time. The battery charging will take around 3 hours that let you have more than 6 hours of continuous illumination. Most shoes allow you to charge by using a power bank or a computer or a phone charger.

10. Are these sneakers with lights are safe or dangerous to use?

It is a myth that LED shoes with the presence of a battery may cause shock to you. Yet it is not true, why because the battery won’t have the ability to generate electric shocks. So, it won’t cause any harm to its users. Also, most people think that LED light produced by the shoe is harmful, but the light won’t come into contact directly with the skin surface, and you won’t either look directly into it. So, it is much safer to wear sneakers with lights without any worry.

11. How to wash the child’s LED light up shoes?

As we already know that moisture (water) and electrical circuitry should not be mixed. Thereby immersing light up shoes in the water is not advisable. Rechargeable light up shoes with USB ports are more prone to malfunctioning due to moisture leaking through openings. So, make sure to err on the side of caution to keep them dry. Though some manufacturers say that their light-up shoes are washable, we recommend doing it simply. All you need is to use a damp cloth to wipe out the exterior and handle grime stuck to the soles by using an old toothbrush.


There are a lot of options when you are buying shoes for yourself or for your kids. This includes all shapes and types like sneakers, running shoes, basketball shoes, and much more. Although, if you want something unique and different from standard shoes out there, then you can consider going with one of the different best light-up shoes that we talked about earlier. But, if you are still not able to make the right decision, then consider going with one of our favorite recommendations for the best light up shoes:
*In case that you want light up shoes with a lot of colors and various color modes, then the Sanys light up shoes can be a great pick. Even at the given price tag, you get a total of 12 color modes with it. And thanks to its excellent battery life of 8 to 10 hours long, these light up shoes are quite practical.
*Speaking about the battery life, the UNN light-up shoes offer an excellent battery life rating of 8 to 11 hour long. Due to this, you can expect these shoes to offer their 8 color modes and stay functional throughout the night with ease. As for their size, these shoes are designed for both men and women making them highly versatile.
*However, if you want light up shoes for kids that offer the same features as other shoes for adults, then you can go with the AoSiFu light up shoes. With these, you get a total of 11 color modes which is quite good. And even though these shoes are a bit small because of their design made for kids, you still get a battery life of 8 to 9 hour long with these

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