Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Heritage

This fresh and exciting take on Superman & Lois might blossom into my favorite yet.

On Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 2, the family tried to adapt to their new life in Smallville, while the mysterious stranger continued to cause problems for everyone involved.

We’ll start with Lois because she was a real hoot from start to finish. Lois knows how to find a great story and will stop at nothing if she thinks she’s being messed with.

Morgan editing her piece to take away all the negative was expected. After all, he owns the Daily Planet, but it made sense for Lois to leave him with a parting gift in her resignation letter.

The article was obviously going to cause problems in the town of Smallville. Morgan was seemingly offering the citizens the world, and when people are desperate, they will listen to the people in power.

That’s why Kyle was abrasive with Lois. It’s hard to blame him for his actions because he’s only thinking about the town’s future instead of the bigger picture of what someone like Morgan Edge could do to Smallville in the long run.

Lana confused me more than anything. This iteration is far too passive for my liking, and it almost feels like the writers are stifling her to make Lois look more powerful.

The show would be wise to use Lana to her full potential because, while I like how nice she is to everyone, it seemed like she disagreed with Kyle’s views on the article, but she didn’t say anything about it.

Lana: Hey, Lois.
Lois: Hey, Lana, Kyle.
Lana: How’s everyone doing?
Lois: You know, adjusting.
Lana: Look, if you need anything please don’t hesitate to call. You know what, you should all come tomorrow for a barbecue. One less meal to worry about.
Lois: Yeah, great.
Kyle: You writing something about Morgan Edge?
Lois: He’s not as great as you think he is, Kyle.
Kyle: He’s bringing jobs to Smallville, so that’s good enough for me.

It appears that Kyle’s views are going to cause a lot of problems in the future, but his most offensive comment was that he had no tofu burgers on his barbecue. He was demeaning Lois before she even got a chance to speak to him, and it didn’t sit right with me.

Thankfully, Lois has faced adversity for much of her life, so she knows how to deal with someone on a power trip.

We already know Kyle hated Clark, but now he has similar feelings toward Lois, which makes me think there will be a huge bust-up between the two families at some point.

At this stage, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Samuel sided with Kyle. Samuel is very by the books, and Clark’s superhero attributes have rubbed him the wrong way one too many times, and now Samuel is even more against Clark because Jonathan and Jordan know the truth.

Lois: Big night?
Lana: Oh, uh, there’s a City Council meeting tonight, so tomorrow? Say, seven?
Lois: Great, yeah. We’ll bring bubbles.

It’s easy to see that Samuel wanted the teenagers to have a normal childhood, but with Jordan’s powers manifesting and new villains arriving in town, there was never a better time to ‘fess up.

What if, god forbid, Jordan killed people in the school without even trying? There’s too much he doesn’t know about his powers, and without being able to suppress them, he’d be set up for disaster.

It’s heartbreaking that Jordan doesn’t deem himself worthy of having superpowers. Many teenagers struggle with self-worth, and it’s clear Jordan was struggling before he even learned about the powers. There will come the point he will need to help his father, and hopefully, by then, he will be in a better place.

Captain Luthor is not messing around, as evidenced by how he sent his ship towards a crowded city, but it was the type of moral dilemma that would hurt Clark.

This iteration of Luthor thinks the world does not need Superman, and while that may be a convincing hook, it’s a little too similar to the Luthors of the past that have been adversaries for the Man of Steel.

Then again, which Superman story would be complete without a Luthor trying to derail everything?

I was particularly impressed with the visuals. Far too often, the budget is spent on the premiere to hook viewers, and then the effects in future episodes pale in comparison, but everything about “Heritage” felt like a worthy extension of the premiere.

Captain Luthor is a worthy adversary, but he strikes me as the type of character who has a view in his mind of how the world should be, and he won’t be happy unless everyone conforms to that view.

After my father died, I felt pretty lost. I had a lot of questions about who I was, why I could do the things I could do, so I came here and found my answers.


Might that change when Clark proves to him that he’s not the world killer he’s being portrayed to be? It would be nice for them to have some semblance of a civil conversation instead of hurling buildings at one another.

“Heritage” moved the plot along nicely, giving us some more great storytelling, visuals, and, of course, superhero drama.

Like I said in my review for Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 1, this series is forging a different path ahead than the other Arrowverse series, and it’s working.

Many of the other shows in the franchise have grown stale, but there are some great stories to tell here.

What did you think Jordan getting caught lying by Sarah? Is Kyle too abrasive for your liking? What is your take on this iteration of Lana?

Hit the comments below.

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