Supergirl Season 6 Episode 2 Review: A Few Good Women

Lex Luthor is a cockroach that just won’t go away.

His trial was the focus of Supergirl Season 6 Episode 2 as Lena tried her hardest to make sure that her brother was put behind bars for good.

As things tend to go in Lex’s favor, though, it looks like we have not seen the last of this evil man. Even though we are begging for the show to let go of this infamous villain and focus more on Kara’s Phantom Zone storyline.

For some reason, Supergirl refuses to move on from Lex.

They have squeezed out as much as they can from Jon Cryer’s character, and it is way past time Supergirl says their goodbyes to him.

Obsidian North died for Lex Luthor’s sins. Now I want our smart, splashy coverage to bury him six feet under.


As a women-driven show, it’s frustrating to see him take up so much time and space in this world.

There are so many other interesting characters like Kelly and Nia who deserve to be treated the same way Lex has regarding screentime and character building.

Cryer has done a magnificent job in portraying a villain who has been depicted numerous times on other shows and movies. But you know there’s a problem when it feels like the show should be called Lex Luthor instead of Supergirl.

Thanks to the series continuing to give Lex more stories that have been done time and time again, Lena’s character also suffers because of it.

Lena’s story throughout her time on the show has revolved around escaping her family name. She has had to prove on numerous occasions that she is not like the rest of her family.

And we know this to be true since she leads with her heart and not with her power.

Lex: Mother, it almost feels as if you care more about the family name than freeing your son from bondage.
Lillian: I do. Our family has always achieved selfish aims by appearing selfless.

But it has been a constant battle for Lena, and she should be able to move on from it instead of continuing to revisit it, thanks to her brother’s presence.

It’s the same old story season after season, and we expected that Supergirl Season 6 would be different since it’s the last one. But we would be wrong.

It’s difficult to see the reasons behind the jury’s acquittal of Lex. Is it because they sympathized with him because he claimed he was the target of spiteful women?

Or was there another driving force behind it all?

Supergirl has been known to dip its toes into politics and tie its stories into real-world problems.

So it wouldn’t be surprising if they used this opportunity to explore a bit of the #MeToo movement and how the word of a man is believed over that of a woman.

But there was something about his trial that seemed off. Maybe it was just bad storytelling, or maybe there is more than meets the eye. In either case, we are tired of seeing Lex constantly escape the grips of justice.

The one shining spot of the hour came from Kara finding her father in the Phantom Zone.

We all believed that Zor-El had died when Krypton was destroyed. But, in reality, he willingly sent himself to the Zone for a chance at living.

It turned out to be an awful mistake on his part because the Phantom Zone appears to be a fate worse than death. And now, thanks to Crisis, it’s even worse than it once was.

What if she’s really gone? I mean, how am I supposed to accept a world without Kara in it?


The phantoms can open portals to move about the world as they please. It all seems to be a bit hopeless for Kara and her father.

But if there’s one thing that Supergirl doesn’t easily lose the supply of, it’s hope.

Kara and Zor-El have an interesting dynamic because of the different views they have of escaping the Zone.

Kara has only been there a short while, and Zor-El has been trapped there for years. He has lost all hope of getting out, while she will never back down or give up.

You’re right. I can’t beat it. But I am going to do everything I can to escape it. Even if it means I just get an inch further every day. And I’m sorry for everything you went through. But I would rather live through torture and do something than just exist for the sake of it. The House of El is meant for more than that.


The upcoming episodes will undoubtedly continue to depict that conflicting belief as Kara tries her darndest to escape and get back to her loved ones.

She is a symbol of what this show is and what it can be at its best. All of her scenes reflected that on “A Few Good Women,” while the scenes back in National City reflected what it is at its worst.

Since the show was so focused on portraying Lex’s struggles during his trial, they failed to give Alex and J’onn room to deal with the loss of Kara.

There were a couple of moments here and there that showed the two of them struggling with their current situation, but it wasn’t enough.

Nia: …I’m never going to be the hero I want to be.
Brainy: I’m from the Legion of Superheroes, where everything we did was through the lens of Supergirl. Her virtue, her accomplishments, her drive. But you and I have had the opportunity to actually know her. And so we know she’s more than just Supergirl. She’s Kara. She is our beacon through the darkness. She’s the example we all aspire to emulate. So, yes, you may fear that you will fail to live up to Kara’s example. But I am here to tell you, in no uncertain terms, that you are not a liability to this mission. You are the reason it’s going to succeed.

Plus, where was the scene where Alex told Kelly that Kara is Supergirl? Their relationship is too important just to let that conversation happen offscreen.

And it was teased that Alex was going to step up to the plate while Supergirl was gone in regards to protecting the city, but we saw none of that.

Going forward, the show needs to focus more on the characters that have been there since the beginning and give them a worthy ending.

What did you think, Supergirl Fanatics?

Are you tired of seeing Lex? Did you want to see Alex tell Kelly that Kara is Supergirl? What do you want to happen for each of the main characters for the final season?

And what is the point of William’s character?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch Supergirl online right here via TV Fanatic!

Supergirl airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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