Sentry Electrical Group Expands O&M Services to U.S. Renewable Market

Sentry Electrical Group Inc., a company that provides renewable energy services, says it is now offering operations and maintenance (O&M) services for existing renewable energy infrastructure throughout the U.S. and into Canada. 

The company says its 15 years of experience positions it to deliver safe, quality O&M services to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and independent power producers (IPP).

As an independent service provider (ISP), the company offers O&M operations under the leadership of George Tapia, director of Sentry. Tapia comes to Sentry with over 10 years of experience, including field technician, field resource manager, and business development and operations professional.

Sentry says that thanks to its established industry reputation, offering O&M services originated from requests of customers. The organization will continue to build its O&M team with accomplished managers and skilled technicians.

“We are excited to offer the renewable energy industry our new O&M services as an ISP,” says Norm Cowden, president of Sentry. “With these services, we will not only be maintaining but also advancing, the already established wind and solar infrastructure. We are confident in our ability to safely and reliably deliver quality services to new and existing customers no matter the complexity of the need. By expanding our service offerings, we are providing customers a more comprehensive scope of work.”

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