Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 may have a smaller outer screen

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold3 may have a shockingly small outer screen, much smaller than the one its predecessor sports, according to a new rumor out of Asia.

If this is accurate (and that’s a big if), then the device will sport a 5.4″ outer display with a resolution of 816×2260. That’s exactly the same resolution as the Galaxy Z Fold2‘s outer screen, just in a much smaller package. Or – hopefully – it’s just a typo and was supposed to say 6.4″.

Considering the Fold2 has a 6.23″ outer screen, and that the Fold3 is expected to slightly grow its inner screen from 7.6″ to 7.7″, it makes sense that it would be able to fit a slightly bigger outside display as well.

Moving on, as you can see the same leak gives us some details of which manufacturers are making the screens for this year’s foldables. Obviously Samsung is sourcing from Samsung Display, for both the Fold3 and the Z Flip3 – this one will have a 6.8″ inner screen and a 1.9″ outer one apparently.

Huawei’s supplier for the Mate X2 is BOE, for both inner and outer panels, while Oppo’s upcoming device has a 7.1″ inner screen from Samsung Display and a 1.5-2″ outer one from BOE. vivo goes the same route with suppliers, only its foldable’s Samsung-sourced inner screen is 8″, and the BOE-made outer one is 6.5″. Finally, Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Fold has a mix of suppliers for its inside screen (split between Samsung Display and TCL China Star Optoelectronics), whereas its outside screen only comes from TCL CSOT.

Earlier today we heard from another leakster that Oppo has an additional foldable planned to come out until the end of the year, and that one will be bigger with an 8″ inside display.

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