Oppo explains how its rollable prototype phone works on video

The Oppo X 2021 concept phone is back – originally demoed at Inno Day 2020, the company is now revealing more details about its rollable phone at MWC Shangahi 2021. Here is a short video that explains how the display expands from 6.7” to 7.4”.

The action is powered by two roll motors. They use cogs that mesh into the so-called Warp Track laminate, which is similar to timing belt. The laminate is made of high-strength steel for allowing it to be both tough and thin – at its thinnest it measures only 0.1 mm, but is still strong enough to support the display.

Whether retracted or extended, the display is also supported by the 2-in-1 plate. It’s made out of metal strips that mesh together, allowing them to slide past each other as the roll motors change the width of the phone.

Oppo’s engineers settled on a 6.8 mm axis after numerous tests. This allows the flexible OLED panel to roll around the axis without creases forming while also keeping the at a reasonable thickness.

By the way, the Oppo X 2021 was featured in Oppo’s demonstration of its Air Charging technology.


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