OnePlus and Deutsche Telekom will hold a OnePlus 9 blind sale tomorrow

Rumor has it that OnePlus and Deutsche Telekom have partnered up to do a blind sale of the upcoming OnePlus 9 series starting tomorrow, just like they did last year. As usual, the blind box will be loaded with more accessories than the standard retail package, but the exact contents are unknown.

Also, people who participate in the blind sale will get their phones 24 hours before those who take part in the regular pre-orders. You should be able to pick whether you want a OnePlus 9 or a 9 Pro.

OnePlus and Deutsche Telekom will hold a OnePlus 9 blind sale tomorrow

This info comes from leakster Max Jambor, who adds that the price will be €1,111. This is presumably for the Pro model and for the top memory configuration. Also, the extra accessories should more than make up for the difference in price with the standard retail package.

We should get more details tomorrow, but don’t expect everything to be revealed – it’s not called a “blind sale” for nothing. Though if you check the related articles linked below, you may find everything you needed to know about the OnePlus 9 series.

PS. you can check out this unboxing video of the OnePlus 8 Pro Blind Box from last year for an idea of how much goodies will be in there.


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