New YouTube series: Flashback and how the Nokia 808 PureView made camera phone history

Welcome to our new video series, Flashback, where we take a look at the most prominent moments and models in mobile phone history. A lot of you probably already follow the Flashback articles, now we’re bringing small doses of nostalgia to our YouTube audience as well.

And what better place to start than with one of the most famous camera phones ever, the Nokia 808 PureView, which we covered in an early installment of the Flashback series.

Launched back in 2012, the Nokia 808 sensor wouldn’t be surpassed in resolution for another 7 years and in terms of pure size – until early 2021. It also holds the somber distinction of being the last Symbian phone made by Nokia.

Instead of relying on just memories, we sought out a working unit to play around with in front of the camera. The old gal is looking rough around the edges, but its unique 41 MP camera is still going strong.

We’ll hand it over to Will who will take you on a trip down memory lane:

Now that we have the phone in our hands, we might even do a camera shootout with some of the big guns of recent times. Let us know in the comments which cameraphone you would most like to see it compared against.

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