Moto E7 Power hits Geekbench with Helio P22 chipset

Motorola has a bunch of Mediterranean codenamed mid-rangers in the pipeline – Ibiza, Capri, Athena – and now we can Motorola Malta to the list. Alleged to hit the market as the Moto E7 Power, the phone appeared on Geekbench with a Helio P22 chipset and 4GB of RAM.

Motorola Moto

Motorola Moto “Malta” E7 Power on Geekbench

The single-core score of 152 and the multi-core result of 879 are anything but impressive. There‚Äôs a reason for that – the Helio P22 platform is almost three years old, but the benchmark version is relatively new, and wasn’t a stellar performer even when it was fresh.

We were quite surprised to see this Mediatek chipset on Geekbench, especially after a leak suggested the newer Helio G25 – it is still built on the 12nm process and has a 2.0 GHz CPU. Perhaps it was a mistake by the software and we will see the newer chipset after all – we should know soon enough.


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