Maria Bello Responds to Sloane’s NCIS Exit

After months of teases, NCIS said goodbye to Maria Bello’s Jack Sloane on NCIS Season 18 Episode 8.

It was a heartbreaking installment that found Jack and Gibbes in Afghanistan after a school bus carrying four young girls was hijacked b the Taliban.

Someone left a note on the bus window, which said, “SLOANE NCIS.”

Jack realized the message was left by someone close to her named Darya, so she and Gibbs worked together to save the girls.

In the end, Darya was killed, and Sloane decided to stay in Afghanistan to try to help people.

“I have loved my time with NCIS…. You don’t need me anymore,” she explained to Gibbs.

“I’m not sure about that,” Gibbs responded. 

Sloane states, “I don’t belong behind a desk. Never did. And you’re right, I was running, and I don’t want to anymore. I want to make a difference here.”

“And as forRECAP: you, if you ever want to visit—,” she said, but Gibbs cut her off to give her a kiss, suggesting that there is still a connection between them that could be revisited down the line.

Bello took to Instagram when the episode aired and shared the following message:

Dear Gibbs – my pal. – Did we or didn’t we? Who will ever know. They will only know that we loved each other dearly and were grateful for our time together with our crew. Love. Jack Sloane.

She tagged her fellow co-stars in the message, leading to a response from Brian Dietzen.

“Beautiful work my friend. So well done (per usual). Keep kicking much ass,” he wrote.

Bello’s exit from the series was announced last year, but Bello shot her final episode back in December.

Special Agent Jacqueline Sloane - NCIS


“And that’s a wrap for Jack Sloane @ncis_cbs,” she said at the top of her statement back then, revealing she had wrapped.

“I’ve learned many things on this journey for the last three and a half years. I learned about commitment and community.”

“I’ve learned that the woman I am enjoys process over product,” Bello, who had a three-year deal with the series, wrote.

“I’ve never worked with a kinder, more generous group of people. I only had the privilege of standing by Dom’s side during cancer because my producers worked so hard to make sure I was there for every treatment.”

“I made a speech today for our crew. Though in our business, like many, there are quite a few assholes – there is not one on the set of NCIS – in front of or behind the camera,” her emotional statement continued.

“Only a profoundly decent group of people who care more about each other and the world in general than what is in it for them.”

She went on to explain why she believes the show is still a big hit after 18 seasons.

“I understand why this show after 18 years is the most watched in the world – you must all feel our love. Keep watching.”

“I have a feeling there will be many more years to come. Thank you to all of my pals at NCIS and to all of our fans. I am truly grateful.”

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