Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 6 Review: What’s Out There

It’s easy to love Hilde Lisko. 

She’s gutsy, independent, and in some ways, wise beyond her years.

But she’s also still a kid, and that was never more clear than on Home Before Dark Season 2 Episode 6.

When Izzy went off on a rant about her father and younger sister, not even Bridget could argue with her because, for the most part, she was right. 

Bridget: We’re all part of this family, and we need to pitch in.
Izzy: Yeah, except for Dad and Hilde. Their job comes before everything else, including you and me and Ginny and Pop-Pop. God forbid they have to go chasing some story right when I need to do something else. It’s like democracy is going to die in darkness because I want to hang out with my friends.

Hilde is a young, intrepid reporter, and that’s easy to admire from afar. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more challenging to live with. As Izzy pointed out, when Hilde and Matt are following a story, they automatically think that their goals should take priority over everyone else’s, and that’s frustrating. 

Matt and Hilde love nothing more than running off on some new adventure in the hunt for the truth, but that leaves someone else, like Bridget or Izzy, to mind the house and take care of Sylvester and Ginny. 

And it’s easy to see where Hilde gets this from when you watch Matt cajole Bridget into working from home, and minding Ginny, and taking care of Sylvester, all so he and Hilde can take off for the day. 

Then there’s the lack of consequences…

Matt specifically told Hilde to stay with the boat on the beach. He also took the time to explain why.

Matt took the boat out to the island to help Hilde investigate and even brought her friends, Donny and Spoon, along. This was likely Frank Jr.’s day off, and he agreed to pilot the boat and help. 

Hilde was getting everything she wanted, and she still couldn’t do as she was told and wait on the beach until her father came back. 

Will she face any consequences for that? She should, but I’m not convinced she will.

Hilde, Donny, and Spoon could have become lost in those woods. They could have been hurt or trapped in that old bunker. And Hilde was just lucky the person she ran into was Frank Sr. If it had been someone else, the results could have been very different, even deadly. 

But Matt was so relieved to find Hilde and so immersed in the mystery of what was happening on that island that I’m not sure he’ll even remember that Hilde put herself and her friends in danger by blatantly ignoring his instructions. 

That’s why it was so satisfying to hear Donny tell Hilde off. 

You care more about the story than you do about us.


Donny lost his father’s drone in those woods, something for which he may face the consequences at home, and he believed that Hilde was trying to help him recover it. 

But she was only using the search as cover to find the plane crash site. Donny was hurt and angry, and he had every right to be. It’s easy to wonder if following the story is more important to Hilde than her friends. 

Water contamination is very serious, and this story deserves to be covered, but at what point do Matt and Bridget stop their middle daughter from running off on her own every time she gets the idea in her head.

Because if no one makes Hilde learn how to stop and think before she acts, I worry about the consequences for her moving forward.

I also know that part of what is driving Hilde is her belief that if she solves this mystery, it could help reverse Sylvester’s dementia.

I understand that Bridget and Matt don’t want to take away that hope, but I fear the reality will be a crushing blow for Hilde. Even if the water contamination did cause Sylvester’s mental decline, having that answer may not be the magic wand that will cure her grandfather and restore him to normal.  

Back home, Izzy was facing turmoil of her own. 

Emma’s confession that she is attracted to Izzy completely floored the oldest Lisko. It’s clear that Izzy is confused. She likes Emma a lot but knowing that Emma has feelings for her changes their dynamic. 

Izzy appears happier and more comfortable with Emma than she does with Ethan, but is that because she thinks of Emma as a friend? Could it be more than that? 

At this point, not even Izzy knows the answer to that. And although she didn’t tell Bridget what occurred with Emma, she did share some of her feelings with her Mom.

Izzy: I don’t know, sometimes it’s just like, even in the family, like I’m all alone. Like I don’t quite fit anywhere. I don’t fit with anyone.
Bridget: You always fit with me. Okay?
Izzy: Okay.

Matt and Hilde are so close, and Sylvester clearly has a bond with Hilde, so I can see why Izzy frequently feels like the outsider in her own home. Thank goodness she feels comfortable enough to talk to Bridget.

Hopefully, she’ll let Bridget in on what’s happening with Emma because I think Izzy’s going to need someone to lean on as she works through her feelings for her new friend. 

Finally, we get to Sylvester and Ginny. It was heartwarming to see Sylvester spending time with his youngest grandchild, the one he frequently doesn’t remember. That was until it became clear he thought he was talking to a young Matt and not Ginny at all. 

Finding Sylvester in tears at the old restaurant where he believed he would find his beloved wife was absolutely heartbreaking. 

But who is polluting the waters of Erie Harbor and spending so much money to hide it instead of cleaning it up? I’m waiting for this to circle back to Stratatech and CEO Grant Williams, even as I simultaneously hope it doesn’t. I liked him, and I’m dreading the moment I learn he’s the villain. I hope I’m wrong. 

And I still have no idea how or why this mystery has kept Richie Fife from returning to Erie Harbor for all of these years. 

But we’ve got four more episodes to figure that out. 

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