Good Girls Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Thank You For Your Support

Well, that was an episode of Good Girls.

Considering we only have a few hours left, Good Girls Season 4 Episode 14 was a pretty big disappointment, all things considered. Nothing enjoyable happened, and the storylines stayed pretty stagnant.

There was also a lack of seeing the ladies working together in a variety of different ways. And that has always been the shows saving grace. So, an installment without much of it leaves you with a rather forgettable experience overall.

Beth’s push to get elected to the city council is all about getting Phoebe and Dave more information on Nick, as they’ve discovered he’s the big fish of the operation. And that’s all well and good, but it’s not exactly the most exciting thing to follow.

It’s pretty common knowledge that the first rule of politics is gathering money. It’s not just the only way you can run a competent campaign because it’s also the only way you can effectively get your message out there.

And bringing the bigwigs to the strip club was a smart way of bringing the money in, but Beth should have known better than to think she would be able to do whatever she wanted with Rio still lurking around.

At this point, the most intriguing story is the increasing tension between Rio and Nick, which feels like it’s approaching detonation levels. Nick has a plan, and that plan includes Beth, but Rio isn’t about to let Beth go after all they’ve been through.

Whether he wants to admit it or not, Beth is his Kryptonite. If he were honest with himself, he would admit that she’s much more trouble than she’s worth at this stage and just cut his losses. But he won’t, and hopefully, before the series ends, we’ll get a bit more clarification about why that is.

Is he in love with Beth? Probably not, though there is an infatuation on both his and her end. She’s good at what she does but considering he almost died and has nearly gone to jail multiple times directly because of her, you’d think he would be able to push that affection aside.

Even if Nick weren’t around, Rio would still want to control Beth, but Nick’s presence has only pushed him to be even more territorial than usual.

It’s always funny when Rio does something a little bit nice for Beth because it’s usually in response to something terrible or followed up by something horrible. Giving her belongings back and returning the money felt like Rio’s attempt at a peace offering.

And man, wouldn’t it be nice after four seasons for these two to finally work TOGETHER and not against one another?

One of Good Girls’ shortcomings has been its repetition. It often feels like you’re watching the same stories over and over again.

Rio is the bad guy, and the ladies are the good one, and they need to get out of the lousy situation Rio put them in. We’ve seen a million different iterations of that. But it would have been awesome to at one point see them all on the same side teaming up against a common enemy.

Nick could have been that enemy, but with the series finale on the horizon, it’s probably too late to see that scenario come to life.

Beth was a little busy wiping up graffiti and staging home invasions, so I’ll cut her a little slack for not picking up on Dean’s bizarre energy as of late.

He’s much cagier than usual, and he’s a ball of nerves at pretty much all times. With each passing day, he seems less and less sure of whether or not he wants to follow through with Vance’s plan, but he’s also reached a point where there may be no turning back.

Tina: I just need you to answer something.
Vance: What’s that?
Tina: How do you make it through your day being such an moron?
Vance: Can we talk about this later?
Tina: Just think about my question.

Meeting Tina means we now know why Vance is the way he is. His acute interest in bringing down Beth, and women in general, stems from his wife, who uses Vance as her punching bag. And unlike the cocky, domineering attitude he displays with the fellas or even with children, he completely shrank under Tina’s harsh words.

His quest to help other men get away from their wives makes a lot more sense now, even if he doesn’t quite see that not all women are like Tina. For all her faults, Beth doesn’t verbally beat down Dean any chance she gets.

Things are kind of stagnant with the story, and it’s getting harder to care because it’s still impossible to see any way that Dean follows through with the plan. His resolve lessens every single day, and all it’s going to take is one heartfelt talk with Beth to get him to ditch his plans.

Over the years, Dean had been saddled with some bad stories, but this one isn’t only uninteresting, but it’s also hard to get invested in. The best parts have been when Dean and Stan got to share screen time, but we haven’t gotten nearly enough of that.

Annie finally came around on Kevin, and it’s about time! These two have chemistry for days, and underneath it all, Kevin is a good person who cares about Annie and her family.

Nancy being the one to get in Annie’s head finally was a fun twist, considering how uppity she had been toward him when they first met. But losing your business and your money will humble you in a minute and allow you to expand your horizon outside of your narrow view.

Where these two go from here, well, the sky is the limit. Of course, they already live together, and he’s well acquainted with Ben, so they’ve already cleared some of the more significant hurdles. But, unlike Beth and Ruby, and considering her history, Annie will have to figure out just how much of her business life she can share with Kevin.

He seems pretty open-minded, but you run the risk of hurting him by bringing him into the fold and also hurting him by lying to him. It’s a sticky situation, but hopefully, they will get to finish the series happy because this is the first of Annie’s guys that seems perfect for her and like a relationship that could last.

If we’re going to end things on a cliffhanger, let us please at least have Annie end the series happy with a man who compliments her. After suffering through the therapist and the cop, Annie (and the audience) deserve this.

Odds and Ends

  • There was barely any Stan and Ruby. Please give us back the best Good Girls couple so we can properly say goodbye.

  • Mick just being on call to help the ladies whenever they need something is what they deserve. After all that they’ve been through, they deserve to have muscle around just as much as Rio does.

  • Rio’s jealousy has been fun, and seeing him getting up in Nick’s face did make me snicker. There is absolutely no way he is going to let Nick win this time.

We’ve reached the end of the road, guys. Well, almost the end.

The series is coming to an end next week, and we’ve got to get all our predictions out there now! So, please flood the comment section with everything you hope to see and what you think will happen!

Will Dean and Stan truly flip on Beth?

What’s next for Rio and Beth?

Do you think Annie and Kevin will get their happily ever after?

Let me know your thoughts, and remember to watch Good Girls online right now so you can join the conversation!

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