Gina Carano Fired from The Mandalorian Amid Social Media Controversy

Don’t expect a Mandalorian spinoff featuring Gina Carano’s Cara Dune.

In fact, don’t expect Carano to ever appear on The Mandalorian again.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the actress has been fired due to her controversial social media posts.

“Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future,” a Lucasfilm spokesperson said in a statement to the outlet.

“Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.”

Carano came under fire after controversial posts were made public on her Instagram account on Tuesday night.

One of the posts she shared compared today’s divided political climate to Nazi Germany.

“Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors…even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews,” the post reads.

“How is that any different from hating someone for their political views,” the offending post, which was originally on another Instagram account, continues.

Another photo on her Instagram story featured a person with several cloth masks covering their entire face and head, alongside the following caption:

“Meanwhile in California.”

The posts in question did get deleted from her page on Wednesday afternoon, but some of her other posts remained.

“Expecting everyone you encounter to agree with every belief or view you hold is fucking wild,” reads one of them, while another said, “Jeff Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

#FireGinaCarano trended on Twitter as fans hit out at Disney and Lucasfilm about her being associated with the Star Wars franchise.

“This is f–king vile and unnecessary,” a tweet read.

“Gina carano needs to be held accountable. the oppression my people have faced because of our religion and ethnicity is NOT the same as political disagreements.”

“The level of cognitive dissonance is appalling,” another added.

This is not the first time Carano has been in hot water over social media.

She was previously accused of being transphobic when she updated her Twitter bio in apparent mocking of pronouns to say “beep/bop/boop.”

She then apologized and said she was educated by her co-star Pedro Pascal.

“He helped me understand why people were putting them in their bios,” Carano wrote back in November.

“I didn’t know before but I do now. I won’t be putting them in my bio but good for all you who choose to.”

The Mandalorian has been renewed for Season 3, and is set to return in 2022.

Carano’s Cara Dune has been with the series since its first season. It’s unclear whether she had already been written out of the series ahead of production on the third season.

The Mandalorian was Disney+’s first live-action Star Wars series and has been confirmed to expand with multiple spinoffs in the coming years.

It was heavily rumored that a Cara Dune spinoff was being considered. It could still come to pass if the character is recast.

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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