Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 7-12-21: Nicole Gets a Romantic Surprise!

Ericole fans, it’s your turn to set your DVRs!

That’s right: Eric finally comes back to Salem to celebrate his anniversary with Nicole on Days of Our Lives during the week of 7-12-21.

Of course, with Nicole’s drunken one-night stand with Xander still hanging over her head and Sami determined to make sure Eric knows about it, things will be far from plain sailing… in fact, there will be plenty of post-July 4th fireworks!

According to the spoiler video, Nicole is thrilled that Eric has come home and wonders whether she’s dreaming.

I really wish she wouldn’t just take Eric back without a second thought. While Days of Our Lives insists on casting Nicole as the villain in their marital drama, the truth is that Eric disappeared to Africa for over a year.

He’s not blameless. He abandoned their marriage. He should have to work to restore their happily ever after!

Instead, an overjoyed Nicole immediately jumps back into bed with Eric. She seems to be planning to move on as if nothing ever happened between them.

In fact, the two plan to throw a spontaneous anniversary party, and you know what that means:

Hurricane Sami is about to hit again and unmask the truth about Nicole and Xander… publicly! Apparently, she doesn’t care about humiliating Eric as long as she breaks him and Nicole up.

If this makes you go UGH, don’t worry. There’s plenty more going on in Salem during the week of 7-12-21. Scroll down and check out the rest of the spoilers!

Ben and Ciara clash when they both want to hire Justin.

Considering Justin’s track record, it would have made more sense for them to argue over who gets to hire Belle.

Either way, though, Ciara is completely obnoxious, and I hope Justin tells her what she can do with her attitude.

Ben was there first, and she’s not entitled to Justin’s services just because she wants them. Someone needs to give her a hard dose of reality… will it be him?

Theo shares exciting news with Chad.

Theo is TOO excited, which means he’s headed for a major fall and not one that I’m looking forward to.

I wish Days of Our Lives would make it explicit how his Autism is involved with this.

Ciara is using him to push Ben away, and it’s horrible that she’s doing that to her lifelong best friend, but taking advantage of his neurodiversity to do it is unconscionable.

Lani tells Paulina she’s cutting her out of her life.

I thought Lani already did that at the Square, but I guess she needs to make it explicit.

Paulina will probably spend the next several months begging everyone for forgiveness, only to be turned away again and again.

The question is whether there’s any way to redeem herself and if she will find it.

Chanel admits to Allie she might have feelings for her.

Do you think after kissing Allie twice, Chanel might want something other than friendship with her?

The same goes for Allie, of course. So far, she hasn’t pulled away from Chanel this time around, and the women looked at each other for several seconds before going in for the kiss.

I just wish Allie’s big brother, Will, was on canvas so that she could have someone to confide in who’s been through the struggle to figure out his sexual orientation.

Gabi concocts a devious plot with Jake.

Another one?

Gabi’s in a tough spot because Sami is her friend, and she wants to protect her, but she also wants revenge against EJ.

EJ deserves to be taken down a peg or two, but can Gabi pull it off without ruining Sami’s life?

Nicole receives a huge surprise from a loved one.

It looks like Kristen’s not the only one sending letters — Nicole’s going to get one from Eric.

Her angry response last time he decided to cancel his plans might have gotten through to him.

Better late than never, I guess, but sheesh.

Sami’s secret isn’t so safe after all…

Of course not. Someone stole that letter from the fireplace.

Honestly, her secret was never safe in the first place. She and Lucas were always discussing it in public, and she told Gabi in the Dimera mansion while EJ was supposedly in another room.

Besides, EJ is a Dimera, and Dimeras usually know everything going on without being told. Did Sami REALLY think she could keep her tryst with Lucas from him?

Eric and Nicole share a joyous reunion.

As discussed above, this feels rushed and unrealistic.

Eric has been gone almost a year, and every trip home ended up canceled.

That’s not an acceptable way to treat your partner, especially after only a month or two of marriage! I wish Nicole had the self-esteem to tell him he will have to earn her forgiveness this time.

Eli grills Gwen about Snyder’s death.


I mean, this is better than sitting around gossiping about Rafe’s love life, but there’s more to an investigation than questioning the same person over and over and getting frustrated when her answers don’t change!

I hope some new evidence comes to light soon because repeating the same conversation over and over isn’t entertaining.

Sami tries to hammer out a deal with Xander.

If Xander weren’t busy hate-kissing Gwen, I’d think he was the one who stole Kristen’s letter.

I don’t know what leverage Sami thinks she has over Xander, but in any case, making deals with EJ 2.0 isn’t the way to go.

What happened to the old, smart Sami? Xander will double-cross her the first chance he gets, and she should know that!

Eric and Nicole throw together a last-minute anniversary party.

I guess there wasn’t enough drama when the last anniversary party ended with the reveal that Paulina was planning to demolish Horton Town Square!

These parties always lead to something blowing up in someone’s face, and with Sami bothering Nicole, Nicole should be hypervigilant about protecting her renewed happiness.

Meanwhile, has Brady discovered his phone is missing yet?

Lucas and Philip strategize how to blow up EJ and Sami’s marriage.

This is easily the most interesting spoiler of the week of 7-12-21!

Lucas and Philip are half-brothers but have spent VERY little time together since Philip returned.

I’m not sure yet whether this alliance is a good idea, but it should be fun.

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