Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 3-29-21: April Fools!

Take these spoilers with a grain of salt.

Having a silly fantasy as an April Fools’ joke has recently become a Days of Our Lives tradition.

And since April Fools is coming up, if the spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 3-29-21 seem off, that’s why.

The spoiler video shows several bizarre goings-on that can only be part of the special episode.

Sami threatening to give John a lethal injection is too over-the-top even for her, and she’d have no reason to do that. And Kayla giving birth to Stefano’s baby? Come on.

No, these are part of the April Fools’ silliness.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of real stuff going on, though.

From the extended promo, it looks like some new love triangles are heating up.

The preview pushes the idea of Jake being jealous of Gabi and Philip, with Gabi accusing of just that after he complains about her and Philip kissing.

That’s a shame. There are a ton of Phloe shippers out there who would prefer the April Fools spoiler about Chloe and Philip locking lips be real. Plus, Jake and Gabi are not a couple that appeals to most fans.

Other clips have “Susan” telling Brady that Chloe has feelings for him and amnesiac Ciara developing feelings for Theo instead of Ben.

I’m glad Theo is sticking around for a bit, but I’m not fond of the idea of him and Ciara together. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes, though.

Scroll down to check out the full set of spoiler photos.

Susan informs Kristen she’s tired of playing her game.

She’s not the only one. I’m already tired of this silly story.

What can Susan do, though? She’s locked up, and Kristen’s free to wreak havoc.

And if Susan tells anyone the truth, will they even believe her?

Chloe attempts to confess her feelings to Brady.

Didn’t she do this already?

Several weeks ago, she tried to confess her feelings but got nowhere.

These feelings all seem manufactured. I don’t think she had them until Kristen put them in her head, making this story even more annoying.

Ben implores Marlena to help restore Ciara’s memory.

It’s about time.

Marlena should have been involved in this from the beginning.

Kayla is not a psychiatrist, and her entire solution to Ciara’s memory loss has been “pretend it is three years ago.”

I doubt hypnosis will work this time, as it would be too easy a resolution to this story, but at least we’re headed in the right direction here.

Jake and Kate find Gabi and Philip in a compromising position.


I hate how many storylines involve women using men to make someone else jealous, while the men are so sex-addicted they can’t say No.

Let’s dump the gender stereotypes, please.

And why does Philip have to do this just as he was finally becoming likable again?

Brady is stunned by Kristen’s confession.

Kristen was so obvious in her attempt to pretend to be Susan that everyone should have figured it out immediately.

And Brady should have been the first one. Doesn’t he know the woman who is supposedly the love of his life well enough to pick up on her presence?

But Brady is always depicted as gullible and stupid to make these kinds of stories work, so I guess this will be no exception.

Paulina firmly tells Chanel she needs to get a job.

I thought we did this already.

Paulina seemed to have told Chanel on Friday in no uncertain terms to get her butt back to Miami and find employment.

Just because Chanel elected to stay in Salem doesn’t mean Paulina has to back off, and I’m glad she’s not.

I wonder if she’ll go the tough love route of telling Chanel she can get a job or live in her car, as Chanel can’t contribute to staying at the Salem Inn without a job.

Jan wakes up from her coma.

There is a lot of discussion on fan forums about whether this is an April Fools’ spoiler.

While it might be, Jan is slated to wake up for real as well, as future spoilers have her facing off with Shawn and Belle well into the following week.

But the April Fools episode may be centered around Sami punishing John for what he did to Jan, given some of the other spoilers for this phony story.

Philip and Chloe hook up!

I had high hopes that this would turn out NOT to be a joke, but given the Philip/Gabi spoilers, I have my doubts.

Why does Days of Our Lives always have to be so cruel to a given couple’s super shippers?

A Halloween episode once pushed Paige’s return, only for her to be a crazy version of Paige, who killed JJ and Lani. More recently, Xarah fans got a fake wedding for Sarah, and Xander and Cin fans have to endure Ciara’s return being about keeping her and Ben apart.

And now Phloe fans will likely be disappointed by a kiss that turns out to be nothing real. Not nice, Days of Our Lives.

Ava makes an emotional confession to Nicole.

Please tell me this is not part of the April Fools episode and that it’s not Ava telling Nicole she is in love with her.

That would be a mean-spirited joke that puts down LGBTQ people if so, and I don’t want Days of Our Lives to go there.

Nicole was grilling Ava about the night of Charlie’s death, though, so maybe this is a real spoiler related to that instead.

Rafe has an unexpected revelation for Sami regarding Charlie’s murder.

I’m beyond curious about what this is.

A clip in the spoiler video has John telling Marlena he remembered something else about the night of the murder. Could this be related to that?

Maybe Kate’s gun wasn’t the only gun involved, and someone else’s gun actually shot Charlie.

I’ve suspected that for a while.  After all, Sami shot Charlie with that gun after he was already dead, so it’s not a given that’s even the murder weapon.

Shawn and Belle face-off with Jan.

Uh oh. What’s Jan going to do now?

Facing off with her is a bad idea that will trigger her rage more.

I’m curious about whether Claire will make it her business to inform Jan that she doesn’t appreciate her fake friendship.

That could be more compelling than yet more of this feud between Jan and Belle.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

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