Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 9 Spoilers: Baez in Big Trouble

Uh-oh. Blue Bloods’ Maria Baez may be in huge trouble!

Danny/Baez shippers swooned on Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 8 when Danny told her to stop trying to be like him because he “likes Maria Baez.”

But on Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 9, it appears that Baez is going to be on the hot seat after finding a corpse in her backyard.

Baez will probably be vindicated in the end. It wouldn’t be a great moment in Blue Bloods’ history if Danny’s partner and friend turned out to be a murderer!

So the question is how long she will be under suspicion, as this could be a multi-episode arc or a self-contained story.

And the bigger issue, of course, is how it will affect Danny.

Clips in the spoiler video depict him questioning Baez about whether she was “intimate” with the murder victim and later telling Frank that this is not what it looks like.

So most likely, Danny will take Baez’s side even though the evidence says otherwise.

This could put Frank in an awkward position. As Commissioner, he can’t risk appearing to play favorites, especially not when a cop is accused of murder.

But he knows Baez, and so does Danny, so now Frank will probably get the same treatment Erin usually does when her decisions go against Danny or Jamie’s wishes for a case.

Other things are happening on Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 9 as well:

  • Erin again runs into problems at work as Kimberly gives her harsh case notes.

  • Jamie and Eddie butt heads over how to discipline an errant cop in his department

  • Frank requires his team to attend therapy after Gormley begins exhibiting strange behavior.

The spoiler photos that CBS has released are focused on Baez and Danny, suggesting this story will take up most of the hour. Scroll down to check them out!

Baez’s knowledge of the victim may complicate things.

A clip in the spoiler video has her admitting to Danny that she knew the victim and resenting Danny asking if they were “Intimate.”

Of course, Danny isn’t asking for purely personal reasons. He’s trying to find out exactly what happened as well as determine what Baez is up against.

But he may be jealous, too, or at least it seems that’s how Baez is taking it.

In any case, her knowing a man whose body shows up in her backyard is not good news for her. That’ll elevate her to prime suspect status immediately unless Danny decides to sit on that information.

Baez calls Danny to the scene almost immediately.

It looks like Baez will follow procedure and call an ambulance as soon as she finds the body.

But her next call will be to Danny.

The NYPD would likely not want Danny to be investigating a case involving his partner. Danny has cleaned up his hothead act lately, but I can’t imagine he’ll easily accept being pulled off the case.

I wonder if Frank will be called in to resolve this conflict, which will only add to the drama.

Baez confides in Danny.

Baez is set to tell Danny everything she knows. But does she have secrets that she doesn’t want the rest of the world to be aware of?

She’s not the murderer, of course, but she could have some other reason for keeping her own counsel.

From the spoiler video, it appears she had some sort of relationship with the victim. Danny didn’t know about it before the man’s death, so she may want to keep it quiet for her own reasons.

But could she have some other secret that she needs Danny to keep to himself? That could make for some compelling drama if so!

Danny takes Baez’s side.

There is no question in my mind that Danny will believe Baez unequivocally.

He won’t be happy about any of this, particularly if he has to bend the rules for her.

But he’ll do it without a second thought, which can and will put him into the center of a major conflict with his family.

A case is built against Baez.

This story would be pointless if it were easily resolved.

The spoiler video suggests Danny will butt heads with Frank over how things look, so Baez will likely be suspended from the force pending an investigation.

Also, if the DA’s office presses charges, Danny will be furious at Erin.

And since Erin is already in hot water with her new boss, she may be a bit overzealous in her efforts to prove she is not biased toward her brother’s partner.

Over to you, Blue Bloods fanatics!

What do you think of Baez’s predicament? Do you think she and Danny will end up more than friends at the end of it, and do you want them to? And what are you most looking forward to on Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 9?

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