Asus Vs Acer – What’s The Difference?

In today’s world, most electronic companies have come up with their exclusive laptops. The type of growth which the industrial sector is seeing towards laptops is unprecedented. Since most companies have launched their laptops, Acer and Asus are such names that have made their separate following.

These windows laptops have been in the neck-to-neck competition since the time they entered the market. Both their features are wonderful and quite compact. A lot of techies believe that both these brands possess quite the potential to stand out as a great laptop, wholesome with all its features.

The similarities between both these brands are subtle. They are two different Taiwan-based companies that are quite experienced with whatever they have manufactured till now. Thus, if you are confused about which brand to choose, then this article could help you in making a decision.

About Acer

Acer laptop

Founded in the year 1976, Acer is quite an old laptop brand. It is a Taiwanese-based company and is very trusted among its users. The brand apart from selling laptops also holds mastery at manufacturing and selling computers, tablets, projectors, mics, etc.

All their electronic items are believed to be working very fast and smoothly. For many years, Acer has also gained a good customer base with a great customer experience too. They are considered to be one of the best brands when it comes to laptops and PCs. Users can refer to this brand for laptops and other electronic brands.

About Asus

Asus laptop

Also, a Taiwanese electronic brand released in the year 1989, Asus is quite into the competition to stand out as the best electronic devices manufacturer. It is slightly different in terms of its product line in comparison to Acer. Asus, apart from selling laptops, PCs, tablets, monitors, keyboards, mics, it also sells graphics cards, routers, headsets, and smartphones.

Asus is quite an ace in whatever it has been selling as the customer base of Asus is very strong. The quality of Asus products is what most customers demand. The company has gained a good amount of customer trust. Thus, you can refer to Asus as well.

Asus vs. Acer? – Brand Comparison

Now, holding a comparison between Asus and Acer and announcing which one is the best between both is tough work to do. Both Asus and Acer are great in their places when it comes to describing them.

They have nearly the same affordability rate and can work smoothly without causing any trouble. Be it performance or battery life, they are inevitably great with their work! Let us profoundly discuss and compare the features of the brand’s laptops in five different parameters, so that you can make a decision on which one is a great choice.

Asus – Brand Overview


When it comes to Asus’s performance it proves to be completely mind-blowing. All its newest laptop editions have the 10th generation core processor, so it is super-fast and convenient for its users. With a good amount of storage capacity and a  spectacular display, Asus is unbeatable when it comes to a good quality laptop.

Moreover, Asus offers gaming laptops too, which indicates that the RAM of its laptops is also much high. Therefore, Asus’s performance in terms is great. Users are satisfied by how it works and the best part is that it is affordable.


Understandably, durability is a very important part when it comes to owning a highly technological device. You do not want the products to get destroyed within a week and repent of all the money you spent on them.

Therefore, Asus makes its products go through several durability tests to ensure that they are ultra-demanding military standard durable. The Asus laptops are tested through several tests like temperature test, hinge test, altitude test, humidity test, drop test, vibration test, keyboard test, twist test to make sure that it is the most durable laptop ever.

Battery Life

Asus laptops are great with their battery life. They can get you working to almost two workdays because they have an amazing capacity to work for straight 16 hours and 42 minutes without needing to charge. The battery of Asus does not affect the memory storage of the laptops. They have a high life cycle, they are lightweight and definitely, they have a high power storage capacity. The other devices of Asus like phones and laptops also have great battery life.

Customer Service and Warranty

Asus is a clear winner in this part because it has a great customer service and technical department. Asus is very quick and reliable when it comes to customer service warranty and that is the reason why it has a great customer base.

Its phone-based service, live chats, and helplines on social media make it a very profound customer service provider too. It has certain warranty rules and regulations, which are very reliable and also customers must read it to have a clear idea.


Asus provides very cheap Chromebooks with all the quality features compacted in them. It is one of the slimmest laptops, very entertaining and very convenient for its users as well. In all these functions, the kind of price range that Asus has is quite affordable.

Acer – Brand Overview


Acer is also well appreciated for providing quality laptops. They have high-ranking features, which come on a very affordable budget. It offers the world’s thinnest laptop with herculean performance and multitasking abilities.

The laptops have a great storage capacity of 512 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM, which makes them fast. The Acer laptop is also known to be a 2 in 1 laptop, thus you can even use it as a tablet.  But do not worry, its back is not going to break as it is designed in a way that can provide its users a 2 in 1 experience.


Acer laptops are designed to provide long-lasting durability. They are engineered in a way that they can combat any durability challenge. You do not want your laptops to break in a year or less, therefore Acer laptops are designed in a way that will not let you down. Thus, if you are looking for a laptop that has high-end durability, then definitely Acer laptops are the best ones.

Battery Life

Although the battery life of Acer laptops is quite good, they kind of step back here. While Asus laptops could manage to run for straight 16 hours, Acer laptops only manage to function for 5 to 8 hours.  However, if you want the Acer laptop to work for a little longer, then you can dim the display of the screen and use the web-browsing slightly less.

In this way, the power consumption of the battery will be less, also less pressure will be exerted on the RAM. As a result, the Acer laptop will run for more duration.

Customer Service and Warranty

When compared with Asus laptops, Acer laptops have a questionable Customer Service Warranty. Although it is quite ok for companies to receive complaints about their devices.  But comparing Asus with Acer, the latter receives slightly more complaints. Acer also has its phone-based services and live chat facility, which enables the customer to connect with the company so that they can get their laptops repaired. However, customers must read the warranty prospectus carefully.


Although Asus offers an affordable price range, when compared with Acer, the latter seems to be cheaper than the former. Asus is slightly costly than Acer but we also have to consider the fact that Asus provides more than what it offers at its price. In short, the price range of Acer is affordable and whatever it offers, it surely of high quality.

Conclusion: Which Laptop Brand is Right for You?

It is tough to compare Asus and Acer and determine which one is great to use. Whereas Acer is 2 in 1 laptop, Asus is quite amazing with its gaming abilities. One has a good price range; the other has slightly more to offer.

Therefore, you cannot decide which one is the best but you can at least decide which one is right for you according to your needs and budget.

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