American Ninja Warrior EP Anthony Storm Reveals How Format Changes Reinvigorated NBC Reality Series

American Ninja Warrior Season 13 features a lot of new faces.

The new faces, of course, include some adult Ninjas, but the most significant new addition to this season is the teenagers!

TV Fanatic got to sit down with Anthony Storm, an Executive Producer on the show!

American Ninja Warrior’s age limit change has come after a few years of deliberation.

American Ninja Warrior Junior has been producing many talented teenagers by the time they age out of that competition at 15, and now those 15 (and 16, and 17) year olds get to show off their skills against the adults!

Anthony Storm made an interesting point: A lot of the teenagers have trained with seasoned adults. Now, they are going head-to-head with each other!

However, the dynamic this season is the same. All of the competitors still support each other as much as possible, which is a critical factor to the show’s enjoyment.

Of course, our enjoyable and hilarious hosts are back and are joined by sideline host Zuri Hall.

I thought the only difference this season was the addition of teenagers, but I was so wrong!

Another exciting element of surprise added this season is the addition of different routes.

Competitors must now choose between two different obstacles sometime throughout each run, adding an interesting mental aspect to the course.

Anthony Storm expressed his excitement for new additions to the American Ninja Warrior formula, and we agree with his sentiment.

The addition of younger competitors and different obstacles makes for a beautiful spectacle to watch and almost feels like a different show!

American Ninja Warrior’s fanbase is sure to love these new additions because the show’s core elements remain the same!

Check out our interview with executive producer Anthony Storm below!

So, American Ninja Warrior Fanatics, are you enjoying the exciting changes to the show?

How do you think the teenagers are performing!

Let us know in the comments below!

American Ninja Warrior airs at 8 pm EST on NBC.

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