American Gods Exclusive Sneak Peek: The Truest Father-Son Moment So Far

American Gods is beginning to hit a fever pitch with its upcoming episode, and we have an exclusive clip to whet your appetite.

Shadow has had a lot thrown at him since he got out of prison.

He discovered his dead wife was having an affair with his best friend, and when you look back at it, that was probably the best news he got as it has snowballed since then.

At the time, Shadow had no idea that his father, the god Odin, trapped on these shores for milennia, murdered Laura Moon, hoping to grow closer to Shadow as he began his preparation for war.

Since then, Shadow has suffered greatly without having any idea why and eventually learned that Wednesday, or Odin, is his father, making him a demi-god. He’s still trying to process that on American Gods Season 3.

His dead wife has been returned to the living, and she’s out for a pound of flesh, whether it belongs to Shadow’s father or not.

Vengeance screams for her to kill Wednesday as he killed her and many before her.

American Gods Season 3 Episode 7 finds Shadow happy in the town where his father directed him. Not everything about life with Wednesday has been bad, then.

Meanwhile, Wednesday, the man with war on his mind lost the love of his life for a second time, both at his own hands.

The man, the father who visits with Shadow, hoping to enlist his help again, this time for his son’s safety, isn’t the same Wednesday that Shadow saw last.

He’s changed, and Shadow can see it.

In this exclusive clip, Wednesday desperately wants his son to be safe and leave Lakeside with him, but he sees a fire in Shadow’s eyes very similar to the flames that left his heart in a heap of burning embers.

What follows is one of the most fatherly moments Wednesday has had with his son, and as the pressure builds around them to tear their world apart, you can see how, at another time and another place, their relationship might have been much different.

Check out the clip to see if you agree.

And be here on Sunday night shortly after “Fire and Ice” concludes for a full review of the episode.

What’s coming for this father and son duo as war threatens to erupt?

Watch American Gods online to find out.

We’ll be here waiting to talk about it!

Check out the clip now, and let us know what you think below.

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