A Wild Year on Earth Finale Sneak Peek: Battle of the Weaver Bird Bachelor Pads

BBC America is taking one last trip to A Wild Year on Earth on Saturday, February 27th at 8pm/7c.

The season finale, titled “Full Circle,” is set in the month of November.

It finds millions of migrating Monarch butterflies converging in the forests of Mexico for the winter, coinciding with the annual ritual of the ‘Day of the Dead’.

In dry Southern Africa, the rains finally returned and are welcomed by nesting birds. Meanwhile, in Australia, the warming waters trigger the annual coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef.

The series has served as some much-needed respite from the world, especially in COVID-19 times. 

With traveling still largely shutdown across the world, A Wild Year on Earth is probably the closest thing people will get to a vacation in the foreseeable future. 

As such, there will be a hole on TV screens when the series wraps up, so we hope another season is in the works. 

BBC America gave us another exclusive clip that will educate you on Weaver Birds. 

The series is a fun watch for all of the family because of the sheer amount of information given to the audience. 

Have a look at the exclusive clip below. 

Battle of the Weaver Bird Bachelor Pads | A Wild Year on Earth | Saturdays at 8PM | BBC America

What are your thoughts on the clip? 

Will you be tuning into the season finale? 

Hit the comments. 

Be sure to watch the episode on Saturday. If you’ve missed any of the fun this season, then episodes should be available on-demand. 

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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