6 Best Tie Rod End 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

The steering system of a lot of automobiles is designed with a rack and pinion based mechanism. This mechanism helps the driver to control the direction of the front tires by providing rotational movement to the steering wheel.

While there are a few other steering systems available as well, almost all steering mechanisms are connected to the front wheels by means of tie rods. These tie rods are installed on both sides of the steering rack ends and carry the motion of the steering rack to the outer wheels. Here are some important properties of tie rods that decides their strength and applicability for different types of vehicles:

  • Number of Pieces: Not all tie rod ends are manufactured the same. Looking at the different packages mentioned here, you will find that while packages contain all of the assemblies of a tie rod end, some packages only have specific parts. It is important to get the one that suffices your needs completely.
  • Size of Tie Rod End: The tie rod end that you are going to buy must be perfect for your application perfectly. Different tie rod ends differ in terms of length as well as diameter. A large-sized option will create problems in the fitting whereas a small variant will be weaker in comparison.
  • Reliability: The reliability of a tie rod is really important. The overall strength and quality of the tie rod end must be verified thoroughly before buying one. In any case, you should not face a broken tie rod end later in the future to avoid accidents.

There can be a number of reasons for which one needs to find an alternative pair of tie rod ends. It can be because of a damaged pair, a backup option for future needs, or even an applicable tie rod end for DIY projects. In any case, you need to know the best option available around you and get your hands on the perfect option amongst all.

Today, we are enlisting these best tie rod ends and we will explain each option in a brief manner to make you understand their properties and possible applications. You can also refer to our Buying guide for the best tie rod ends available later in the article before purchasing the tie rod ends.

6 Best Tie Rod End 2021

Best Tie Rod End 2021 Reviews

1. Fat Dragon GOLF Tie Rod End

 Fat Dragon GOLF Tie Rod End

Golf carts are one of the most common vehicles that suffer damaged tie rod ends. This occurs because of the weak design of the car that pushes a lot of load on these rods and because of the uneven terrain of a golf course.

If you are looking for a tie rod replacement for your golf cart, Fat Dragon’s GOLF Tie Rod End for Club is a suitable choice for you. It supports almost all golf cart models presented until the year 2008.

These are brand new tie rod ends with a high-quality structure that allows your vehicle to steer properly. Not only that, but it also manages to improve the suspension performance and increases the overall balance of the vehicle.

The package includes 3 different pieces that are 2 ball joints with a left-hand thread and a ball joint with right-hand thread. You should prefer purchasing 2 sets of these rod ends to have an even number of backups for both thread types.

Best Features:

  • 3 different pieces are included in the package
  • Best tie rod replacement for electric golf carts
  • Supports almost all models until 2008
  • Brand new tie rod ends
  • 2 ball joints with left-hand thread
  • 1 ball joint with right-hand thread
  • 1-year warranty


  • A number of pieces included in the package
  • Lightweight tie rod ends


  • Strength is weaker
  • Tie rod ends are small in size

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2. MOOG ES3488 Tie Rod End

MOOG ES3488 Tie Rod End

Our 2nd pick for the best tie rod ends is the MOOG ES3488 Tie Rod End. This product has secured its position on our list because of its smart design which allows it to absorb a great amount of impact.

There are Belleville preload washers installed in these tie rod ends that eliminate the spring bind and prevents shattering during sudden impact. For a smooth motion transfer, it has a gusher bearing that has a metal design for increased strength.

The ball studs that are visible on the end of this tie rod ends are heat-treated while being manufactured. This manages to match and even exceed the strength of ball studs compared to the rod and reduces the possibility of premature failure.

The wrench flat section on the housing of the tie rod end makes it easy to install as well as align even in the hardest to reach vehicles. Moog manages to develop such high strength on their products by testing them comprehensively at the time of manufacturing.

Best Features:

  • Absorbs a great amount of impact
  • Belleville preload washers installed
  • Eliminates the spring bind
  • Gusher bearing for smooth motion
  • Heat-treated ball studs
  • Easy installation and alignment due to wrench flat section
  • Goes through intense testing and development
  • 4 years warranty


  • Product strength is very high
  • The warranty period is very long


  • A single unit is available in the package
  • Expensive for a tie rod end

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3. Detroit Axle Tie Rod End

4 piece sets are quite common amongst tie rod ends as these sets contain all different parts and components that are needed in the tie rod assembly. Our 3rd pick, which is the Detroit Axle – Complete Front Driver & Passenger Side Inner And Outer Tie Rods contains such quad piece set replacement for a number of vehicles such as Cadillac Escalade EXT, Chevy Avalanche Suburban, Yukon XL 1500, and some more. The kit consists of 2 front inner tie rods and 2 outer front tie rods.

All of these components are manufactured in high quality and industry-standard technology by Detroit Axle. As this brand is a leading supplier of various automotive parts, you can expect high-quality performance from this kit.

To ensure this performance for a long time, Detroit Axle is providing a long 10 years of warranty period on this product. You would certainly expect such reliability from a brand like Detroit Axle as they have sold a lot of units in the past and received positive feedback from users.

Best Features:

  • 4 piece set
  • Suitable replacement for many different vehicles
  • Suits Cadillac Escalade EXT
  • Suits Chevy Avalanche Suburban
  • Suits Yukon XL 1500,
  • Includes 2 front inner tie rods
  • Includes 2 outer front tie rods
  • Manufactured in high-quality standards
  • Positive user feedback
  • 10 years warranty


  • Most reliable tie rod ends from our selection
  • Suits a variety of different vehicles


  • A very expensive set of replacement
  • Heavy in weight

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4. ACDelco 46A0707A Tie Rod End

ACDelco 46A0707A Tie Rod End

Most people prefer to get a replacement or backup option under a minimal budget so that a premium pick can be purchased later. The ACDelco 46A0707A Advantage Outer Steering Tie Rod End is one such tie rod end that will serve you well for the time being until you find a decent alternative for your needs.

This is one of the smallest tie rods ends that you can find on our list and weighs only 658 grams. While it is certainly easier to carry and attach, it has limited strength and durability compared to other options.

It still manages to provide a consistent torque to the wheels and implement a smooth operation so that you can have peace of mind while driving the vehicle. It features a full ball stud as seen in our previous pick that increases the strength of the tie rod end and avoids sudden failures.

For smoother motion, it has a low friction double bearing that carries a high impact resistance. Even with a low price tag, the ACDelco 46A0707A Advantage Outer Steering Tie Rod End is backed with a year of warranty which is quite good.

Best Features:

  • A compact and lightweight option
  • Most affordable tie rod end
  • Works ideally as a temporary replacement
  • Weighs only 658 grams
  • Provides a consistent torque
  • Implement a smooth operation
  • Features a full ball stud
  • Low friction double bearing
  • 1-year warranty


  • You wouldn’t have to spend much for this 1 piece of unit
  • Balanced operation and performance


  • Weaker as compared to other options
  • Not suitable for long term use

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5. Suspension Dudes 4PC Tie Rod End

Suspension Dudes 4PC Tie Rod End

Suspension dude’s is one of the most popular names and a trusted advisor for many. This brand offers free advice regarding your vehicle and the replacement of components for it. We will strongly recommend you have a discussion with them before purchasing the tie rod ends.

The Suspension Dudes Inner/Outer Tie Rod Ends is a 4 piece unit designed for Chevrolet and GMC Hummer models ES3488 & ES3493. It also has the heat-treated precision finished ball ends that are necessary for a uniform torque and smooth operation.

These units are designed to withstand even the worst type of terrains. Thus, you will notice a very high strength and quality on these units. If your suspension system is making clunking sounds while making turns and through bumps, it might be a sign for a replacement for the unit. It can introduce poor or misaligned handling of the vehicle that can be avoided by the Suspension Dudes 4PC Inner/Outer Tie Rod Ends.

Best Features:

  • 4 different pieces are included in the package
  • Free counseling available
  • Designed for Chevrolet and GMC Hummer
  • Supports ES3488 & ES3493 models
  • Comes with heat-treated precision finished ball ends
  • Uniform torque and smooth operation
  • Designed to withstand shock and impacts
  • High strength and quality


  • Multiple pieces available at a decent price
  • The quality of the parts is not too bad


  • No warranty information is provided
  • Only suitable for limited vehicles

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6. DLZ 2 Pcs Tie Rod End

DLZ 2 Pcs Tie Rod End

Tie rod ends should be widely compatible with different types of vehicles so that a single unit can serve different types of vehicles without any problem. The DLZ Outer Tie Rod End is one such tie rod end and our last pick for the best tie rod ends.

This variant includes 2 front outer tie rod ends. It is compatible with Buick Rainier up to 2007, GMC Envoy up to 2002, Isuzu Ascender up to 2008, and Oldsmobile Bravada up to 2004.

If you take a closer look at the tie rod, you will notice a curve that helps to dissipate the force throughout its entire body and avoids stress concentration. DLZ promises to deliver brand new parts with each order so that you don’t end up with a refurbished or used part. DZL also uses high-performance grease and bushings coated with a premium anti-rust coating to give it complete protection.

Best Features:

  • 2 pieces are included in the package
  • Widely compatible with different vehicles
  • Includes 2 front outer tie rod ends
  • Supports Buick Rainier up to 2007
  • Supports GMC Envoy up to 2002
  • Supports Isuzu Ascender up to 2008
  • Supports Oldsmobile Bravada up to 2004
  • Curvy shape to avoid stress concentration
  • Guarantee of brand new parts
  • High-performance grease and bushings
  • Coated with premium anti-rust coating
  • 1-year warranty


  • Suitable for all weathers
  • The compatibility range is great


  • The warranty period is too short for the price
  • Heavy in weight

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Buying Guide For The Best Tie Rod End

If you are noticing symptoms of a damaged tie rod end, you should get it replaced as soon as possible instead of using your vehicle as it is. A damaged tie rod end can fail at any unprecedented moment and cause severe damage to the tire if the vehicle is in moving condition. In extreme cases, the vehicle might lose balance and cause an accident that can be hazardous for the driver.

To avoid these problems, you should start looking for a tie rod end right now. Even if your current pair is fine, you should have one or two tie rod ends reserved to use in case of emergencies. If you are going to purchase a tie rod end right now, make sure you take care of the following aspects carefully.

1. Vehicle Type and Manufacturing Year

This is a very crucial fact and must not be missed while looking for an ideal pair of tie rod ends for your car. The most important is to make sure whether the said pair of tie end rods are suitable for your vehicle or not. In most cases, an improper pair of tie rods will create problems in installation.

Even if it gets installed, it will not provide ideal power transmission between the steering unit and wheels and cause poor handling of the vehicle. You will find a list of different vehicles along with tie rod ends that represent their compatibility. If your vehicle is not on the list, avoid purchasing that particular option.

2. Weight of The Units

Heavier units are generally hard to carry and even harder to install in the vehicle. While installing a set of tie rod ends, you will have to disassemble the front portion of your vehicle. In such a case, it is not easy to install a heavy unit on the vehicle while holding everything in place.

Although, stringer units are generally heavier as compared to weaker units. This is also a very important consideration as you have to deal with the heavyweight options if you want long-lasting tie rod ends installed in your vehicle.

3. Warranty Period

Tie rod ends are one of the most exposed parts of your vehicle. As a result, they will always be subjected to dust, dirt, and moisture that will degrade them throughout the years. As for the active damage, it undergoes a lot of stress while a vehicle is moving that is caused by shocks and absorption which is always induced in the front part of the vehicle at first.

This reduces the lifespan of the tie rods and makes them fail sooner than expected. In such a case, an assurance is necessary for these tie rods. Having a warranty period on the rods will allow you to file for a free replacement of the unit if it gets damaged under the warranty period.

4. Number of Pieces Per Package

The variation per package in the case of tie rod end is huge as not every package consists of similar items. While going through our list, you must have observed that some packages only feature a single unit whereas some packages have 3 or even 4 different parts available.

Well, a tie rod end is not a complicated assembly, but it surely consists of multiple different parts. In most cases, you will find out that only a particular part in your assembly is damaged and needs replacement. In this case, you can buy a singular unit to get your vehicle moving as soon as possible. Although, buying a 4 piece set will surely be beneficial as a backup for the future.


The tie rod ends are a critical meeting point of a vehicle’s steering system and the wheels that are meant to be steered. The tie rod ends not only carries the force generated by the driver to the tires but also creates a crucial pivot point of the tires over which it can rotate freely and allow the vehicle to take turns instantaneously.

In today’s article, you can find a number of different tie rod ends that are currently the most beneficial options in the market. If you need help while buying one from our list, kindly refer to our buying guide for the best tie rod ends. Here are some options that we liked from the list:

  • If you want a single unit of outer steering tie rod end without getting any of the extra components which you do not require, you should go with the ACDelco 46A0707A  Advantage Tie Rod End This option comes at a minimal price tag and you can also get a couple of extra pairs for backup.
  • There should be no compromise with the reliability when buying a critical component such as a tie rod end. Therefore, our next recommendation is the Detroit Axle Outer Tie Rod End set that features a 10 year long warranty period. Not to mention, it is a complete set of inner and outer tie rod ends with 4 different pieces to provide for all needs.
  • Suspension Dude’s 4PC Inner/Outer Tie Rod End is also not a bad option if you want a 4 piece set of tie rod ends. These tie rod ends are designed for Chevrolet GMC Hummer but it can also be used for different vehicles if the dimensions are matched correctly. You can also have a conversation with the Suspension dude to make sure if this unit fits your vehicle or not.

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