11 Best Java Books

Coding is the subject that’s not a piece of cake for everyone. There are various elements that you will need to cover before diving into the coding world. You are here and we assume, being a beginner, you are searching for the Java guides that you can go through to learn about one of the most important languages being used to develop software applications. In this review, we are going to cover a few books that you will find significantly helpful in getting hold of Java as a beginner.

Before diving into the reviews, you must keep a few factors in your mind. These factors will help make a better decision while buying a Java guide.

1. Easy Language

The book that you are buying should be published in a very easy and simple language. It will allow the beginners to grasp everything easily and implement the learnings without any extra hassle. For beginners, it’s necessary to untangle the technical jargon to make things even easier.

2. Problems With Solutions

For curious minds, a book should contain a series of problems that they will face while practicing. These problems based on Java applications should also come with the solution so that they don’t have to search for another resource to find the correct answer.

3. Hardcover / Paperback

This is the factor one should put her/his primary focus on before buying any book. If you remain on the go and aren’t one of those who love to keep books on the shelf, we recommend you going for the paperback editions. Moreover, if you don’t need to have a physical book in your hand to learn, you can settle for the Kindle edition that you can access right on your smartphone or laptop.

4. Price

When you step out in the market or start your search online, there will be a range of books that you will find at very premium pricing. If you are a beginner, we would recommend settling up for a more affordable option and invest in the premium ones once you have completed the fundamentals.

11 Best Java Books

Best Java Books: Reviews

1. Effective Java – 3rd Edition

Effective Java 3rd Edition (1)

The 1st & 2nd edition of Effective Java was one of the bestsellers in the Programming category. The author has managed to offer a very detailed insight into the applications and features of the Java language that a professional must go through to perfect the skill set. If you have already understood the fundamentals, this book will be a helping hand in providing you with content that is more detailed and offers a better perspective on various aspects. There are various options in terms of guides that you will find online but there is one thing that you should keep in mind.

A majority of the available guides will introduce you to all the features and that’s just it. However, Effective Java will give you a detailed explanation of where and how you can implement these features.

Joshua Bloch is the author and has managed to offer a guide with all the updated set of techniques and also the loopholes that you might face while working. The structure of the book offers a set of 90 chapters/topics that one will find significantly helpful in easy learning. The book also gives readers references where they can find more content related to the concerned topics.

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2. Head First Java – 2nd Edition

Head First Java 2nd Edition

The languages, especially the ones that are object-oriented, are quite complex and you will need to go through quite a steep learning curve to understand them. Java is one of those programming languages that is now widely used by a lot of developers to produce the required web content and software applications.

The author has managed to offer you the best compilation of the problems along with all the solutions. The book consists of high-quality imaging and pictorial representation to make things easier for you. Though there are colorful graphs and diagrams used in the book, you must not take it as a fun book.

The chapters discussed here have some very serious value for your money and you will be able to learn things, easily. In this book, author Kathy Sierra has successfully compiled the fundamentals and moved towards the advanced coding chapters that are targeted at professional audiences.

It’s the 2nd edition in the series and the version that’s covered here is Java 5.0. The biggest advantage that you will get here with this book is the rich language and the writing structure that’s opted here by the author. The text is quite simple and straightforward with all the technical terms being explained in the easiest of the explanations.

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3. Java: The Complete Reference – 11th Edition

Java: The Complete Reference - 11th Edition

This reference guide is based completely on offering a comprehensive guide for Java SE 11. The guide will include all the necessary elements like compiling, running, developing, and debugging all the Java programs.

Talking a bit about the technical aspect, “Java: The Complete Reference” will cover all the necessary and key factors. This comprises advanced programming languages including I/O, collections’ framework, JavaBeans, Servlets, etc. All of these elements are part of the Java API Library. Various examples are included in the reference guide. These will offer you a detailed explanation of any particular situation.

Also, these problems are based majorly on real-life issues and will be helpful in the career. The book penned by Herbert Schildt starts by introducing readers to the history of the Java language. Here, it states that the very core idea of object-oriented programming was brought into the picture in the 1970s.

Then, the author jots down the full evolution of the language and covers all the necessary aspects such as multi-thread programming, AWT, Swing Handling, Concurrent API, etc. The codes that are written in this book can be easily downloaded from the websites and readers will get all the references right in the book.

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4. Beginning Programming With Java For Dummies

Beginning Programming With Java For Dummies

The series For Dummies is one of the best ones that are available in the market when it comes to finding something for beginners. The Java edition of the book is able to capture a very comprehensive outlook on all the aspects that a beginner should be introduced to when it comes to learning a new language.

If we keep all the technical jargon away, the book is the perfect option for you to understand all that you need to know about Java. It is divided into a few parts where the first one is Getting Started. Moreover, it will carry around 3 chapters, and the topics covered will be the latest techniques that are used in the implementation of the language. It will also introduce you to a very simple Java program. At first, you might find it a bit confusing.

Moving on, the next part will give you the exercises and tasks that will make you write your first program. This part will carry three chapters, as well. The included topics are variables & their values, Cycles, and Control structures.

The real or you can say actual Java development chapters where the OOP will be used starts from Part 3. It will require you to invest the majority of your time and moving on; you will get Part 4 as some of the smart ways to implement Java. Finally, Part 5 will introduce you to some of the mistakes that you might face and a few tips that you should keep in mind.

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5. Java: Learn Java In One Day

Java: Learn Java In One Day

If you are a beginner, we would recommend this book over all the other ones. Not only is it one of the best in terms of content, but you will also find it quite affordable. This simple and to-the-point guide offers you a comprehensive look at all the aspects of this highly advanced programming language.

Its targeted audience is the beginners, and gone are the days when you were required to carry those thick books to learn the fundamentals. The concepts and techniques that are mentioned here are fully updated and the language used here is quite simple and straightforward. The topics covered here will include topics such as OOP, arrays and lists, formatting Java strings, abstract class, interface, etc.

There will also be enough practice sets that you will get to solve and master your skillset. Along with the topics that I have mentioned above, this reference guide for beginners will also include lambda expressions and functional interfaces.

The examples given here are the practical ones that will be highly useful in one’s career. The focus on explaining the basic concepts has allowed beginners to learn them easily and without any extra hassle. The solutions provided here contain a step-by-step method so that you don’t need any other resource to find the detailed solution.

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6. Java Concurrency In Practice

Java Concurrency In Practice

It is a somewhat different concept and not every book covers this aspect in detail. The concurrent programming developers can make full use of this book and it is focused on beginners. They can learn well, however, the practice has some significant cons with it too. The biggest one is that even a single and minute error will cause the whole code to crumple down. Moreover, this Brian Goetz guide is a perfect one that you need to practice Java concurrency programs. Among various other options that are available in the market, this is only the one where you will find details on concurrent programming.

Though its primary focus is on Java Concurrency, it covers all the aspects related to the basic programming that one will need to learn. To implement safety and security, a Java developer will need to keep several contexts in mind.

These concepts will only be learned by grasping all the fundamentals. The focus is on the beginners who have just started and if you are a professional, you can also find it to be one of the best to look back. The language is quite simple and beginners will not need any help from any other resource to understand the complex topics.

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7. Learn Java: A Crash Course Guide

Learn Java: A Crash Course Guide

As the world is shifting swiftly towards the online mode, it’s high time to make ourselves familiar with the languages that are being used to code these days. The applications along with various other services are being built on Java and you will need to find the right guide that will help you with easy learning.

The book claims to introduce beginners with full Java basics. All the companies around the world are demanding Java developers and you will find it quite beneficial to learn. Learn Java is your go-to guide where the topics covered are more than enough to start and as you advance, there are a few other options you can go for in this review.

Once you become a developer, the whole world is on your stage and you will be able to deliver to your client from anywhere around the world. This guide will be the first step towards this end goal and if you are wondering what are the topics covered in this reference, let me jot down a few of them for you. The topics covered are loops, arrays, user input, OO programming, etc. The book also includes some practical examples that will help learners in their future projects.

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8. Java: Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners

Java: Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners

This reference guide is the one that beginners will be able to get at a very affordable cost. The content that is offered here has a step-by-step guide that will be significantly helpful to a beginner. This is for the understanding of the basic concepts of this advanced programming language.

As it’s one of the most affordable options, you will not have to spend heavy chunks of money. The book will guide readers through the steps that they will need to follow to write their first code. The book will carry a total of 57 examples. These are based on real-life experiences, allowing learners to implement the solutions somewhere in the future.

The topics that are covered here by the author Nathan Clark are some basic concepts of Java. It involves detailed steps to narrate the first program. It further has the process and steps to use the Java Development Kit along with features.

Some other topics that are covered here are variables, data types, loops, etc. The book also tries to put its focus on the history of the language that includes the origin and evolution. The practicals that are available here come with detailed solutions and you will get to compare your results with the solutions.

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9. OCA/OCP Java SE 8 Programmer Certification Kit

OCA/OCP Java SE 8 Programmer Certification Kit

The certification kit comes with a total of three layers, Associate, Professional, and Master. To become a professional developer, you will need to pass a few tests and clear certification exams. This is the kit/reference that will help you in easily understanding the format and structure of the exam.

The questions along with the content available here is value for money and is structured in full sync with the exam pattern. The explanations that are provided here for the functional programming will significantly helpful in acing the 1Z0-808 & 1Z0-809 exams. If you are just in need of a book to revise and get done with the exam, we recommend you go for the one from the ‘used’ section.

It will be available at a very cheap price and you won’t need to spend extra. The topics that are covered here are the ones that are consistently asked in this certification exam. The basic topics that you will be able to evaluate are functional programming, OO programming, database tasks, etc.

Learners will also be able to go through the abstract classes, class designs, and interfaces. The language used here is quite simple and beginners will easily understand the explainer sections that are offered in this kit by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff.

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10. Java 9 For Programmers

Java 9 For Programmers

The book is focused on the professionals who are working in the field for quite a time. The programmers and developers will find it quite helpful. Moreover, the book covers almost all the concepts that a professional might need to clarify.

The concepts that are mentioned here are fully tested and you will also be able to find them easy to understand and implement. There will also be a separate set of tips and tricks. These will be provided to you to allow you to master the skill. Also, the examples that are mentioned here will be helpful in practical approaches in future projects.

The book starts with an introduction to Java and advances towards the more complicated topics of the language. The topics that are covered here will include lambda, concurrency, JDBC, web services, application development, etc. Paul Deitel is the author who has managed to offer a simple and straightforward explanation to some of the very complicated tasks. Once you are done, you will find yourself having all the details related to object-oriented programming.

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11. Elements of Programming Interviews in Java: The Insider’s Guide

Elements of Programming Interviews in Java

This writer trio will provide you with a very comprehensive insight into the interviews related to Java. The book is written by keeping beginners in mind and the language opted is also quite simple.

The content that is covered in this book is explained in a very simple and easy manner. It will allow all the non-tech people to understand the technical jargon quite easily. The codes that are written here are also available at Github from where you can download them without any effort.

The practicals that are provided here come tagged with the difficulty setting. There will also be detailed explanations that readers will get for each problem. Adnan Aziz, Amit Prakash, and Tsung-Hsien Lee have managed to offer you a compilation of the interviews done by tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Uber, etc. These real-life practicals will be significantly helpful in getting solutions in future projects. This guide is focused on the working developers who are trying to apply for jobs in any big company.

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If you are looking for the best Java books, we hope that this guide would be a lot helpful. The books that are included here come with full value for your money. Moreover, if you are still not been able to reach a decision, we are going to assist you further with the two recommendations. Java is an advanced programming language on which most of the latest software applications are based on.

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